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images (Archived)kyntrel25/19/2009
Blocking the door of the shop (Archived)
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Suicidal mode? (Archived)NycBandit15/19/2009
KF Server Problem (Archived)pilchard815/19/2009
A probelm with MY headshots? (Archived)mgsfreak168885/19/2009
I just tried Suicidal Fleshpound only in West London. (Archived)AngusYoung9345/19/2009
Can you play this game with LAN offline? (Archived)unsensible95/19/2009
Imagine when they put in new weapons, new player models and clean up the menu? (Archived)mgsfreak1688105/19/2009
For anyone complaining about wasting 20 bucks (Archived)
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SharpShooter Question (Archived)
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Mutators Pack (missing zombies mutators - good for commando training) (Archived)Tsunaka_Baka45/19/2009
is there any other way? (Archived)Truentity65/19/2009
Is there anyway to make it quick scroll/weapon switch? (Archived)xAmadaeus95/19/2009
Having trouble downloading the bloody thing: (Archived)divine_devil45/18/2009
help!! (Archived)kc_8055/18/2009
Direct 3d 9 and Direct 3D? (Archived)xAmadaeus35/18/2009
Anyone else's framerate drop quite a bit when the screen fills up with zombies? (Archived)tastethecourage75/18/2009
Having trouble connecting with friends online? (Archived)lusty_pumpkins25/18/2009
is this better than left 4 dead? (Archived)
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Worth buying if I have no one to play with? (Archived)
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