Rushing to Pripyat - slowed down while assembling team (spoilers)

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6 years ago#1
I am on my second playthrough and wanting to gain access to Pripyat as early as possible - in my first game I did every single sidequest before heading there and got a bit depressed when I realised I'd ran out of side-stuff to do (other than simply running around hunting artifacts and getting into random fights), so this time I want to leave as much as possible to do afterwards. I also want to get the whole team to Pripyat as the first time round they all died in the tunnels, so I've downloaded a mod that makes them invulnerable.

So far I've only been doing the main quest stuff - investigating helicopters, searching the Jupiter plant, etc - mainly by simply running away from combat. I've not done any sidequests yet, so I'm short on cash and the only equipment I have has been looted from the few human/zombie enemies to cross my path and a couple of stashes I stumbled across. However I think I now have no choice but to do a bunch of unrelated sidequests.

In the quest to assemble a team to go to Pripyat, I ran in and out of a chemical anomaly to grab a plant in order to recruit Lt. Sokolov, and gunned down a group of Bandits at the Checkpoint to recruit Vanov. All that's left to do is recruit Strider and find a SEVA suit. The problem is, having done no side stuff, I can't afford a SEVA, and am not friendly enough with Duty or Freedom to get them to accept Strider's buddies. So:
1 - Can I find a SEVA suit somewhere (quest reward or stash?) or do I have no choice but to save up and buy one?
2 - What's the fastest way to get on good terms with Duty or Freedom, or is there an alternative group that will take the ex-Monolith?
6 years ago#2

Get money for the SEVA by artifact hunting. The side quests offer very little in terms of money usually (a couple grand at most), a single artifact can usually make as much a 5 side quests would if youre lucky.

As for getting Strider, you NEED to do a side mission for the bandits/loners in Zaton to get Morgan's PDA. You may also need to do another side mission, but I think the PDA is enough. As for getting decent equipment, giving Morgan's PDA to a faction will let you get to a weapons stash which has some decent equipment. Failing that, get enough money to pay a couple visits to Nimble for your personal choice of weapons.

6 years ago#3
I made it to 100k by selling weapons and poor artifacts, even though Beard artifact hunting missions should be great in regard (but I have yet to see a Snowflake spawn in Zaton and Jupiter).

If I may suggest something to you... rush to Prypiat, but then spend some quality time in there with stashes and side quests, otherwise the whole Prypiat questline lasts 30 minutes.
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6 years ago#4

I don't think there's any SEVA suit available, so you have to buy one. I once read that there' a SEVA in the tunnels but have looked and looked and never found one, but that one wouldn't do you any good anyway, as Zulu won't go unless you have one to begin with. The quickest way to befriend Freedom is to give Morgan's PDA to them, and soon as you're inJupiter, go over to the Quarry and find the downed loner, get his story and then go turn Flint (Magpie) into Freedom, which also ends a mission you should have gotten in Zaton, as he sits there bragging about everything. You canalso do the mission with Uncle Yar for both money (6000) and status with Freedom. Do the first misson for the Hunter guy, of cleaning out the swamp bloodsuckers and makeseveral thousand, and get Nitrohis "materials" fromthe cement plant while you're over there, plus raid a stash or two and sell the guns and you get the money to buy a SEVA pretty quick. It's tough to have everyone survive in the tunnels, but it can be done. Have a bunch of the good grenades and beready to throw them, soonas the snorks start spilling out of opening doors, and have a Vintar sniper rifle for the snipers at the locked door which you have to open. The hardest part in the tunnels, for me at least, is where you all walk out of a narrow tunnel into a pretty large one, and once you all get out into the large one, 4-5 snorks come bounding out and are jumping around and your people are getting in your way to shoot and it's all a big mess. Survive that one and the rest is cake.

6 years ago#5
While subtly so, keeping the Heart of the Oasis makes you save on food money. Some good places where you can farm weapons to sell: the workshop in Zaton, full of zombies; all mercenaries camps; the unique Svarog anomaly in Jupiter; selling the Duty armory stuff AND the things Freedom sends to your stash when you reach Friendly.
the hills are alive... with the sound of music
6 years ago#6
Thanks for the advice folks.

I had to deal with Sultan before Beard would give me the mission at the Ranger Station, but handing over Morgan's PDA and looting the Duty armory seemed to be all that was required to make Freedom friendly. I dipped into a couple of anomaly fields in passing while on these quests, and between selling the two artifacts I found and all the weapons I didn't need, I had just enough to buy the suit from Nitro.

Trekking through the tunnels with an immortal escort was interesting - I think I could have gotten them through the first set of tunnels with some effort, but there's no way I would have gotten them all past the Monolith ambush, let alone the second set of tunnels since they seem to have a fondness for walking into each other's line of fire. I did take the time to search, but I never did see a free SEVA suit sitting around anywhere down there. Now I get to play around in Pripyat, secure in the knowledge there's plenty of things left to do in the earlier areas when that bores me.
6 years ago#7

"I once read that there' a SEVA in the tunnels but have looked and looked and never found one, but that one wouldn't do you any good anyway, as Zulu won't go unless you have one to begin with."

I remember finding a second SEVA on all my playthroughs so far. I cant for the life of me remember the exact location, but I believe it is somewhere in or near the very large room where you first fight monolith troops.

Whilst Zulu wont go unless you have one already, I believe that one was placed there as a spare in case your other one is pretty degraded by then.

6 years ago#8

I don't look in the big room where the Monolith guys are attacking, asI'm wearing an Exo anyway all the way through the tunnels and I understood it was near the first parts; may look again now. I'm just packing the SEVA along to pacify Zulu, would rather have leftit in Yanov or better yet, not even have to buy it. In the big room, you need to always be able to snipe from whereever you are and keep the squad close. The first part, when you've just turned on the power switch, snipe from up there. Get them through there and then be sure they all follow you over to the other side where the door lock button is, sometimes they lag. Make sure they all come inside, before you hit the button and then be ready to snipe the Monolith snipers and those coming through the door as it opens. Then, get out ahead of them and get the snipers that come through the doors at the far end before your guys get in their veiw. Piece of cake if you play it right.

6 years ago#9
Don't you mean "Russian" to Pripyat?
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6 years ago#10
The SEVA is in the big round room where you run into the monolith fighters. Its around to the left of that room you have to go into thats surrounded by anomalies in a trunk under some shelves. There is also a jellyfish artifact to the right in one of those big metal crates.
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