What are the exact requirements for recruiting Lyedia?

#1GulcasaPosted 10/30/2009 11:15:11 AM
I'm following the translated True Route guide, and everything is going normally... except for some reason I'm having problems with this one character. The only thing I did differently from the guide is doing the event battle at Bargis Kingdom before getting Fairuza's flags... activated or whatever. And that really shouldn't matter since Fairuza's flags don't even have an event to go with them (and I know that doing Bargis first has not screwed me out of getting Fairuza, because I went ahead with a separate save and she joined me).

But when I go to the third map of Eulid Lake, I get a battle involving a level 40 dragon, and after that I immediately get the Astra Core and get brought back to the world map. No sign of Lyedia. I know the guide says that she won't show up if you've already beaten "the dragon at map 4" but I haven't even been to Eulid Lake before she's supposed to show up (plus, I'm getting a dragon at map 3). Does anyone know what's going on?