Blazing Souls: Accelate Character Names (minor spoilers)

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The characters in BS: A appear varied and unique. I have scoured my Neverland resource lists and come across some BS: A art I found last Winter.
The art can be found here:

Of note is the fact that we can see some of the character names using this. Whether they will be the same remains the be seen, but I'm sure they will be fine.

I will include what little information I have on these characters, whilst avoiding spoilers, as well as identifying the unnamed characters in the trailer. I will also include their weapon type, but my memory on this is a bit hazy, so please cut me some slack.

Zelos -> Zelos
Our main character is a bit of a mystery. Works as a mercenary. Sword user.

Adel -> Adelle
One of Zelos' associates. She is in the party from the beginning. Sword user.

Duzer -> Duja
Another of Zelos' associates, and is also in the party from the get-go. When I played a bit of the game in Japanese, he seemed to have some slight antagonism towards Zelos, but I can't read Japanese, so this is best taken with a grain of salt. Breaker user (A breaker is a ranged, boomerang-like weapon).

Le Nguyen -> Nguyen Le
Another character who starts in the party. Dagger user.

Aria -> Aria
A mysterious girl found by Zelos and co. whilst on a mission. Staff user.

Bridget -> Bridgette
Scythe user.

The characters listed after this will be listed in order of appearance in the trailer.

Sciora -> Sciorra
The pink-haired cat-girl. She joins the party early on (I actually just got her when I stopped playing). Spear user.

Al -> ?
Red-haired boy. Son of two characters from Spectral Souls II (Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires on the PSP). Sword user.

Lisa -> ? (probably Liza)
The green-haired girl with the gun. Character from SS2. Daughter of Beyard, current king of the Vampires. Gun user.

Fairuza -> Fairuza
Blonde-haired woman. From the art, I'd say she is a breaker user.

Lyedia -> ?
Brown-haired girl. I infer from her art that she is a fist user.

Isak -> ? (Isaac, probably)
The blonde-haired guy with wings. An angel, perhaps? Spear user.

Carla -> ?
The blue-haired woman with darker skin than the rest of the cast seen in the trailer. Scythe user.

Naiz/Akira -> ? (I hope it remains the same)
Purplish-grey-haired man. Hero of Spectral Souls and Spectral Souls II. Returns here, though much, much older. Sword/Greatsword user.

Noel -> ?
The green-haired birdman child. Looks to be a staff user.

Those are the only characters shown in the trailer. However, there are still quite a few more.


Little Snow joins very early on in the game. Otherworld Soul. She is a staff user, and is very, very powerful.

Jadou joins later in the game. "Brother" of the Exploding Godhand, Hiro (Hillo in SS2).

You can recruit some kind of copy clones of Hiro, Roze, and Ryunerba (Yunellia in SS2, Luwenelva in Chaos Wars) later on in the game.

Supposedly, you can recruit Shiro, though I do not know if that is true....


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im pretty sure naiz is in the trailer.
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......He is. I mentioned him in the section about characters in the trailer. I even placed him in the order in which he appears.... err, where he appears in the trailer in relation to the other characters.

A new Tactics Ogre is in development. Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fortune. Where will Fate lead you?
(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)