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6 years ago#1
to complete collection 4, i need to gather ingredient and i have trouble finding this ingredient

devilkin horn, bandage, lizard tail. where do i can find this ingedient??
6 years ago#2
Floors 9-15 of the abyssal gate have the monsters you need. You need a yellow flying demon, the lizard men and the mummies. Hope this helps.
When I grow up I want to be Dracula or Snoopy or maybe even a crayon.
6 years ago#3
now i have novice locksmith alias. and i need alias for jumping higher, someone say it is collection 5 but collection 5 is still ???? in my game. my questions is....

1. which collection that has higher jumping alias??
2. how do i can unlock that collection, in case still ???? in my game??

thank you for your assistance....
6 years ago#4
It's collection 9. You must have double feather and gale ring accesories.
6 years ago#5
collection 9 is still ????? in my game. how can i unlock it?? is collection 9 have some prerequisite??
6 years ago#6
For 9 you need a feather ring, double feather and the gale ring. For some reason without the feather ring the title will not show up. After you have all three make sure they're unequipped and the title shoud show up and be green. Hope this helps.
When I grow up I want to be Dracula or Snoopy or maybe even a crayon.
6 years ago#7
now i already do free battle at mountain range 2. and i must go to japple desert map 3 to do failueza flag 2 on but i cannot find any portal on japple desert map 2. i believe, i need DIG alias. someone says it is collection 8, some other says collection 8 is for walking on water. my question is

1. which collection has DIG alias??
2. in case that collection is still ???? in my game, how can i unlock it???

thank you.....

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