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6 years ago#1
I am currently working on making this a proper guide, but it still yet is missing most of the PSP events and the Battle Events. Basically, save before doing an event you aren't sure of, and you should be fine. I did just about every event I came across that during the course of my first playthrough, and I got the True Ending.

With that...

True Route Guide

I’ll be listing the areas needed for the True Ending in the main guide itself, and extra areas after that. Also, I will try to include the locations of all of the cores, though I may not yet be able to tell you where each and every core part is located. Also… when searching, note this:
The all-important map:
I am aware that this map may someday go down. Ask for it on the forums, and I, or someone who has been here awhile will hopefully re-upload it onto imageshack or photobucket.
Noasulan 12-1 <- this means you should search for at the point labeled 1 in the area 12 on the map.

IMPORTANT: This is an updated version of krazyjap’s translation of the PS2 True Route guide. I have tried to include each and every event, but I might have missed one. In the event of that, simply ask on the forum for help.

Key Points
-Have every ally in the party.
-Clear all 50 floors of the Abyssal Gate
**Not necessary to clear as you progress, can wait till the end to clear.
-Clear all Event Battles (just follow the guide)
**This includes all Snow, Jadore, Zelena, Hermes, and Edward events, but may not include the Battle Events.
- Win every Human Genome Battle
-1st Battle against Etelo and Eunice (Mt. Agua), defeat both
-2nd battle against Etelo and Eunice (Japple Desert), defeat Eunice (Both is fine, too)
-3rd Battle against Etelo and Edward (Trace Route Range Range), Defeat Etelo
-2nd Battle against Thaddeus (Sunraio Forest 5), lose 1-v-1 with Noel, beat Thaddeus with party(Noel unable to fight)
-Battle at Japple Desert, chose 1st option- "I won’t kill you this time” (or something to that effect)
-Beat Adelle at the Adelle event, lose to Lydia at Girvea.

*You do not need all of the Core Elementals.

Opening to Bridgette Flag 2

Event battle (Lv. 1)
Adellele, Duja, Nguyen Le join the party!
Noasulan and Old Road appear on map.

Old Road
Event Battle (Lv. 1)
Aria joins the party!
Talking Event at Noasulan, Old Road.
Snow joins the party!
Search at Guild
-Norius Woods 8-3

Norias Forest
Event Battle (Lv. 3)
Battle Event at Noasulan
*Nguyen Le is required for this battle.
**This is semi-optional, but gives 10000 Gold and 50 PP, so it is well worth it.
Search at Noasulan Guild
-Forest of Light 8-4
-Albahart 6-1
-Mountain Range 9-1
-Pazuma Ruins 8-5 (Must have "Chickapede" title from collection- first on the list)

Pazuma Ruins
Event Battle (Lv. 6)
Fight Against Bridgette, Kaye, Vaughn
Bridgette Flag 1

NOTE: The Flags are absolutely necessary for the True Ending. Do not get them out of order. Do not skip any of them. Even if you get the characters you would normally get, missing one or doing them out of order will cost you the True Ending.

Forest of Light
Event Battle at Map 2 (Lv. 11)
Sciorra joins the party after the battle!*
*Only if she was not incapacitated during the course of the battle.

Search at Guild
-Mt. Borhoko 4-1
-Desert 6-2
-Varanoir 12-1

Event Battle (Lv. 6)
Noel joins the party!

Search at Guild
-Abyssal Gate 12-2
-Harbor City Girvea 13-1
-Sunraio Forest (need "chicken" Title) 13-2
-Benard Ravine 12-3

Sunraio Forest
Event Battle at Map 2 (Lv. 13)
Fight with Bridgette, Kaye, Vaughn
Bridgette Flag 2
6 years ago#2
Harbor City Girvea
Choices during speech
"Accept"- 5 characters
"Don't Accept"- 6 characters
*Choose Accept, as it leads to getting an even necessary to get Leeza later on.

Benard Ravine
Fight with Bridgette, Kaye, Vaugh (Lv. 13)
Bridgette Flag 3
Abyssal Gate 10 floors open
Talking event at Port City Girvea
-Choices do not affect true route

NOTE: In at least two fights with Bridgette, Kaye, and Vaughn, they will fight monsters alongside you, but are not on your side. In these battles, do not – DO NOT – kill them. To be safe, do not kill them unless it is expressly the Victory Condition to defeat Bridgette.

Mt. Borhoko
Event Battle (Lv. 21)
Fight with Bridgette, Kaye, Vaughn
Bridgette Flag 4
Obtain "Ignis Core"- Fire element Core Elemental
Albahart Guild
-New information on Borhoko mountain
Varanoir Guild
-New information on Sunraio Forest
Abyssal Gate 15 floors open

Note: Core Elementals give Zelos a large stat boost to every stat, change his sprite, change his attack slots, and may change his weapon to sword. They start at level 1, but as you acquire Core Fragments throughout the game which are sealed in Yellow (lv 1), Blue (lv 2), and Red (lv 3) seal stones, they grow in strength. There are 15 of core fragments per Core Elementals. You need the locksmith titles (

Port City Harbor City Girvea
Event Battle (Lv. 20)
Clear within 75 turns- Leeza Flag On

Sunraio Forest
Event Battle at Map 2
Leeza Flag on, Leeza appears on turn 30
Leeza flag off, Leeza appears on turn 100
After the battle, Leeza joins the party!

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(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)
6 years ago#3
Mt. Borhoko (Bridgette joins the party! the party!) to Mt. Loffka

Mt. Borhoko
If Bridgette Flags 1-4 are on…
Event Battle at Map 2
Bridgette, Kaye, Vaughn join the party after the battle!
Talking Event at Harbor City Girvea
Talking Event at Varanoir
Noasulan Guild
-Lake Eulid 10-1
-New information on Pazuma ruins
Albahart Guild
-Japple Desert 2-1
-New information on Desert
-Vergis Kingdom 4-3
**When you re-enter Albahart, Vergis Kingdom will appear on the map after the event.

Pazuma Ruins
Event Battle (Lv. 29)
Talking Event at Varanoir
If Noel is in Party…
**Event at Albahart puts Cowl Village on map

Event Battle (Lv. 33)
Carla appears in turn 50
-Carla Flag
**Without this, you cannot get the True Ending
Varanoir Guild
-Geloo Mountain 14-1
-Frozen Wood 2-3

Japple Desert
Event Battle (Lv. 33)
After battle, there are two choices
Chose to "Overlook"- option with 3 characters
Adelle Flag ON

Mountain Area
Do Free Battle at map 2
Fairuza Flag 1

Japple Desert
Go to Map 3- No need to do battle
Fairuza Flag 2

Vergis Kingdom
Event Battle (Lv. 33)

Lake Eulid
Event battle at Map 3 (Lv. 35)
Lydia joins the party!
NOTE: If you have already fought and killed the Zombie Dragon, she will not join. Thus, no True Ending for you if you miss her.
Event Battle at Map 4 (Lv. 40)
Obtain "Astra Core"- Lightning Core Elemental
Talking Event at Varanoir
Albahart Guild
-Mt. Agua 6-3

Cowl Village
Event Battle (Lv. 40)
Battle with Thaddeus
Noel unable to fight
If Fairuza Flags 1 and 2 are on…
-Fairuza Joins the party at Albahart!
Talking Event at Harbor City Girvea
Talking Event at Varanoir
Talking Event at Noasulan
Noasulan Guild
-Fortress Site 9-2
Albahart Guild
-Tehes Hamlet 2-2
Varanoir Guild
-Mt. Loffka 7-1

Mt. Gueroult
Event Battle at Map 2 (Lv. 40)
Fight against Sauber
Obtain “Peirous Core”- Earth Core Elemental after the battle

Tehes Hamlet
Event Battle (Lv. 43)
Fight Against Zelena
-Isaac Joins the party!
Talking Events at Tehes Hamlet, Desert

Mt. Agua
Event Battle (Lv. 45)
Fight againt Etelo and Eunice
Defeat Both for true route
Talking Event at Noasulan
Talking Event at Tehes Hamlet

Fortress Site
Event Battle (Lv. 47)
Carla flag on, Carla joins the party!
Talking Event at Noasulan, Harbor City Girvea
Event occurs when you enter Albahart- Event with Adelle and the Bandit you spared before.
Noasulan Guild
-New information on Mountain Area
Albahart Guild
-New information on Japple Desert

Event Battle (Lv. 47)
Adelle Flag ON, Adelle deployed automatically- This is the battle you must fight for the True Route
Adelle flag OFF, Adelle deployed automatically, Zelos Cannot fight.

Mountain Area
1st Event Battle (Lv. 50)
2nd Event Battle (Lv. 49)
-If Leeza is in party, Al joins the party!
Talking Event at Noasulan, Varanoir

Frozen Wood
Event Battle (Lv. 50)
-Fight Sexton
Obtain "Aqueous Core"- Water Core Elemental
Talking Event at Tehes Hamlet
Battle Event at Tehes Hamlet

Mt. Loffka
Event Battle at Map 2 (Lv. 50)
- Fight Ouedraogo
Obtain "Anemos Core"- Wind Core Elemental

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(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)
6 years ago#4
Japple Desert to Sunraio Forest (Noel Solo Battle)

Japple Desert
Event Battle at Map 3
-Fight Etelo, Eunice
Defeat Eunice for True Route (Both is fine, too)
Event at Albahart
-Pick "Don't stop”, or something to that effect
Albahart Guild
-New information on Tehes Hamlet
-Trace Route Range 3-1
Event at Harbor City Girvea
Event Battle (Lv. 55)
Fight Sexton
If Fairuza in party, Fairuza deployed automatically <-- True Route
If not, Aria deployed automatically
Snow Event in Girvea (not sure if this is where it is, but there is a Snow event after the Sexton Girvea fight)

Tehes Hamlet
Event Battle (Lv. 55)
Fight Zelena
-Isaac deployed automatically

Trace Route Range
Event Battle 1 (Lv. 51)
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 55)
Fight Etelo, Edward
Defeat only Etelo for True Route
-If Al is in the party, and up till now you are on the True Route
Naiz joins the party on the 75th turn!
Talking Event at Albahart
Varanoir Guild
-Sheol Cavern 15-1
-Nameless Temple (If Naiz is in Party) 4-4

Vergis Kingdom
Event Battle 1(Lv. 51)
Nguyen Le unable to fight
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 55)
Fight Brumeia
Nguyen Le deployed automatically

Sheol Cavern
Event Battle (Lv. 57)
Fight Demeter/Helmut, Edward, Hermes
Aria unable to fight
Event at Fortress Site
-Jadore one-on-one fight with “???”, you cannot win
-Snow leaves party temporarily
Event at Sheol Cavern
-Fight Double Ecks (Jadore version) – Snow is required and rejoins the party just before this battle with nothing equipped, so be sure to give her back her gear.
-Once you defeat it, Jadore will join party after a Battle Event at Varanoir
**It is a one-on-one fight between Zelos and Jadore.
Talking Events at Varanoir, Harbor City Girvea, Tehes Hamlet
Snow and Jadou Talking Event in Varanoir
Adelle Event at Albahart
-Ruins appear on Map
Noasulan Guild
-Ogrin Moutain Range 17-1
Albahart Guild
-Vahallam Ruins 1-1
-New information on Japple Desert
Talking Event at Albahart if you re-enter
Varanoir Guild
-Umari Island 5-1
-New information on Sunraio Forest
-New information on Sheol Cavern
Abyssal Gate open to Floor 40

Nameless Temple
Shiro Joins the party!
No Battle neccessary
Talking Event at Albahart
If all are allies present, Abyssal Gate open to Floor 45.

Note: If you cannot get past Floor 30, you are not on the True Route.

Event Battle (Lv. 55)
Zelos vs. Adelle
**You must win for True Route!
If you win:
Harbor City Girvea
Event Battle (Lv. 55)
Zelos vs. Lydia
** You must lose for True Route!
If you lost against Lydia there is a Talking Event at Varanoir
This Talking Event is Neccessary for the True Route.

Japple Desert
Event Battle 1 (Lv. 61)
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 63)
Event Battle 3 (Lv. 65)
Fight Brumeia**
**Note: This is the most ridiculous fight in the game, and can be a major stumbling block if you are not prepared. There will be reinforcements for every enemy group, and after you kill certain enemies, Generic Genomes will spawn with over 60k HP. This complicates this battle immensely, so try to lure enemies away from Brumeia, then kill them, then kill the reinforcements the same way. If you do this, you should hopefully be able to kill Brumeia without too much trouble. That said, however, she can kill just about any character in a single combo, barring special Latent Abilities, like Magic Barrier.

Vahallam Ruins
Event Battle 1 (Lv. 61)
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 63)
Event Battle 3 (Lv. 65)
Fight Sauber

Umari Island
Event Battle At map 2 (Lv. 65)
Fight Zelena

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(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)
6 years ago#5
Ogrin Moutain Range
Event Battle at Map 3** (Lv. 67)
Fight Ouedraogo
**Note: To reach Map 3, you need to utilize the “Dig” and “Block” action skills to find the Portal to the correct map. From Map 1, you will notice on the opposite side of the action map 4 dark patches of rock on a plateau.. These are your dig sites. However, if you select the wrong one, you will have to reset the level. The correct on is the one between the water and the jutting rocks on its plateau. From the original view, it is the bottom one. From two turns to the left (pressing left on the analog twice, that is), it is the top one. From one turn to the left, it is the left one, and from three turns to the left, it is the right one.

Sunraio Forest
Event Battle at Map 5 (Lv. 65)
Fight Thaddeus
In the one-on-on fight between Noel and Thaddeus, clear special condition (lose) for True Route.
Talking Event At Noasulan

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(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)
6 years ago#6
Sheol Cavern to the Ending

Sheol Cavern
Event Battle at Map 2 (Lv. 67)
Fight Sexton
Talking Event at Harbor City Girvea
-Zelena joins the party!
*She comes with a wickedly powerful scythe, her unique weapon, as well~!!
Talking Events at Noasulan, Albahart, Varanoir
For True Route, Clear all 50 floors of the Abyssal Gate

Trace Route Range
Event Battle 1 (Lv. 65)
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 70)
Fight Edward, Hermes, Demeter/Helmut
Talking Event at Noasulan
Enter Noasulan Again for another event
-For this event, you pick who Zelos talks to. There is no bearing on the True Ending, merely insight into the chosen character’s thoughts about the current events and the battle ahead.

Old Road
Normal route
Event Battle 1 (Lv. 70)
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 80)
*Hermes is dead, so is Edward
Event Battle 3 (Lv. 80)
When you load the clear file, you can only choose to start a "New Game " (which is a New Game +**).
**Note on New game +: You retain all equips, cores, core levels, skill proficiencies (ie: Wind Level 4 for Zelos), Gold, WP, EP, PP, and Profile and Gallery stuff you have unlocked. In addition, you gain PP based upon your character levels, though I do not yet know the exact formula. I went from a little over 1800 to slightly over 3500 from having just a few characters at level 100, though.

True route
Event Battle 1 (Lv. 70)
Event Battle 2 (Lv. 94)
*Hermes is Alive, as well as Edward
Event Battle 3 (Lv. 120)
Event Battle 4 (Lv. 130)
Spectral Tower Appears on map
Hermes and Edward join the party and come with their unique weapons!**
**Note: This might actually only occur after a Talking Event… not sure…

***Below is only for True Route***

A quick note…
These battles are extremely difficult. Each enemy has extremely high HP, and despite having only 300k HP, the second fight with Guistabinuus is perhaps the most difficult fight in the game. He nearly killed Zelos in one turn on my first playthrough. You will want to have at least 120 AGL and 150 VIT to stand a chance against him.

Spectral Tower
Map 1 (Lv. 130)
Rune Blade x 3, Satanael x 3, Dragonian x 3
Map 2 (Lv. 150)
Vermillion(right arm, left arm, body**) x 3, Double Ecks x 2
**Note: These are three separate enemies.
Map 3 (Lv. 180)
Guistabinuus First Battle (Party minus Snow and Jadore) HP 2,200,000
Guistabinuus 2nd Battle (Only Zelos) HP 300,000

When loading Clear game file…
“Yes” – loads the postgame
“No” – does nothing.
“New Game” – starts a New Game +*
*See above note about New Game +.
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6 years ago#7
Optional Areas and Core Elementals

Optional Areas:
There are quite a few optional areas to be found around Neverland. The most notable would probably have to be the Cave of Lament found on the one island in the Syulaku Sea (11-1). This is the only action map amongst the optional areas, and contains quite a few Core Fragments, as well as one of the areas you need to battle in to complete a Collection from the Souk, that is, Map 3, the Underground Lake.

The others are as follows… I don’t remember their names…:

Note about these: Most, if not all of them, are unlocked via searching after hearing the rumor concerning them. They are one-off battles that allow the player access to monsters and drops that would be unavailable to them at that point in the game, so make use of them if you can. I’ll see if I can find a way to fit them into a later version of the guide.

Optional Core Elementals:
There are three optional Core Elementals: Helios (light), Vesper (dark), and Infini (Void). These are the strongest cores in the game, and boost Zelos’ stats to extremes. Vesper and Infini are Gun cores, and Helios is a sword core.

Helios can be found in Ogrin Mountain Range 3. It is in the Red Seal Stone beneath many dig blocks on the far, far side of the map. Rotate the view until you see it, and keep you Retries handy… you will probably need them at least once.

Vesper is located in Umari Island 3. To reach it, use “Destroy” on the door blocking the warp on map 1, then, on Map 2, read the Tablet, then push it one square back. Enter a battle and utilize the warp to the next map. It is in the Red Seal Stone.

Infini is found in Aerial City, Ronica, which is located at 16-1, just to the east of Trye Island, over the ocean, directly to the east of the Giant’s Forest (this is not a playable location) in the southern portion of the island.
The core is found in Map 3. To reach it, you must read the tablet in Map 1, then enter battle and go into the warp found in the space in front of the tablet to reach Map 2. This requires Isaac, or someone sporting the Zero Elevation Auto-Skill found on the Sylph’s Tear. Map 2 requires you to plant a seed on the shining patch, then taking another Float or Zero Elevation character to the warp. To get the seed to grow to full size requires three battles. Finally, on Map 3, the core is contained within the Red Seal Stone on the tall pillar just behind the entrance warp. The other Red Seal Stone has an Infini Core Fragment.

A new Tactics Ogre is in development. Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fortune. Where will Fate lead you?
(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)
6 years ago#8
This is still very incomplete, but I am going to update it as I go along, and will hopefully be able to start a walkthrough, though to make one in earnest would require me to start a new save file... which I am not doing until I at least have the basic guide finished.

As it stands, I will continue to make additions to the copy of this guide on my computer, as well as adding strategies and such when and where necessary.

Lastly, I sincerely hope that this helps to clear up confusion with the game. Any additional questions should be posted here, but preferably only after searching for a topic that may already answer your question using the search bar located above the forum menu. Seriously, we have like five topics asking about Mountain Range 2. Good luck with getting the True Ending, everyone. The final fights are vicious, but it is so worth it~
A new Tactics Ogre is in development. Tactics Ogre: the Wheel of Fortune. Where will Fate lead you?
(Lost hope for Asagi: August 5th, 2010, 1:15 am.)
6 years ago#9
One Word. Epic! This is great, you did an awsome job on this.
When I grow up I want to be Dracula or Snoopy or maybe even a crayon.
6 years ago#10
Oh thank god!

So i was suppose to lose to Lydia?
So that's what i was doing wrong. Over leveling can do that to ya'
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