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question about bernard ravine..

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5 years ago#1
hi. i am new to this game so sorry for the nooby question. i am following the true end guide i saw here. i finished sunraio forest and accepted the mission in harbor city girvea but after that i can't go back to the city. then i tried searching for bernard ravine in varanoir but i ended up finding nothing. could someone please tell me what to do? i will greatly appreciate it. thanks :D
5 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
5 years ago#3
you need to get the alias "insulator" collection 130. you need to get 8 slime jellies i think from the slime. which you can fight in sanrio forest or the abyss gate.

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5 years ago#4
thanks sir :)
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  3. question about bernard ravine..

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