Everyone, level Jadore and Snow!

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5 years ago#1
There's a final FINAL boss fight after the Zelos 1v1. If you haven't levelled or equipped them, you are SCREWED. There's a reason the game gives you character-specific equipment for them. But yeah, that was three hours down the drain. If those stupid Nothingnesses didn't spawn in after I killed the bosses that were there, it wouldn't have taken so long.

I'm almost tempted to use a couple characters with Accuracy so Parry wouldn't be such a headache. Not to mention just getting my stats to 999 (I wish you could give out stats in bulk; this game has NO efficiency when it comes to button presses) and laughing as everything falls before me. I already screwed up some of the title conditions, and I REALLY don't feel like playing the postgame right now.
5 years ago#2
is there some titles that must be finished as soon as possible ?
5 years ago#3
Well, the thing is that apparently there are "gather information" bits that give you new areas to explore, and you can in fact miss out on them. The people who tell you where the places are disappear after a certain period of time, or they change what they say. I think it might be best if you go to every town and check the guild for information after every single story battle.

I'm not sure if all, or if it's just 3/4 titles for collection 13 (Unlock+Destroy level 3), involve optional areas. They're this one place (it's 4-5 on the map), the Benard Ravine (you can't go into the action map unless you talked to the right NPC I think), the cave in the Shurak Sea land area (not the one-off battle), and someplace else. I think it's, um...the Ogrin Mountains or something.

So I'd need a new game+ to 100% the game. I'd rather have 999 Strength/Magic than a +999 clay, because it takes longer to make a single +999 clay out of Greatswords (or whatever the best thing for Magic is) pressing the X button repeatedly than it does to hold the D-Pad long enough to max the stat.
5 years ago#4
Yeah, they're needed for that one battle. Then again, Snow is amazing so she carried Jadore in that one for me.

How are you getting that many points that it's easier to dole out PP until you hit 999 STR than to make clays?
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5 years ago#5
Someone uploaded a "New Game After 1st Battle. Maxed WP, GP, EP, and PP" save here, so I grabbed that. Idea Factory games are PURE HEADACHE to play legit. I guess I just feel like their games have interesting world-building and characterization, but they're not very well-designed otherwise. Especially this one. Besides the new characters and events, it's the same game from, uh...2005? I still love them, but I wish IF would wise up and modernize a bit more.
4 years ago#6
Alright, beat the game. Now I can put it away for a while.

I wish you could actually do a new game+ from something outside of the regular clear save. This way, you wouldn't have to wait to get some of the titles that you missed. Besides that, the Spectral Tower lets you get a bunch of things you can only get one copy of through alchemy, so it'd be nice to have multiple everything to use someplace besides the postgame. The ST is just tedious. Everything has tons and tons of HP. It's like they want you to spend hours and hours getting yourself 5-digit Atk/Mag with the poorly-designed upgrade system to make clays.

There is NO REASON you can't press X on a stack of 99 level 5 items and have an option that says "convert all to clay". And then press X on the stack of 99 clays that says "fuse all together". I wore my thumb out mashing X just to make a single 999. I can't see how they expect anyone to have the patience to make a couple dozen of those (6 characters, 4 clay slots = 24).
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