ITT: IGN slaughters Guitar Hero Van Halen

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7 years ago#11
Ok when he said that Hot For Teacher didn't have Song Facts, I just watched the Song Facts a couple days ago!
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7 years ago#12
The game sucks, and is nowhere near the quality of GH: Metallica. ~5/10 is fitting - half a rating for half the effort. The reviewer's right. Nobody wants to play classic Van Halen with the latest lineup, and some of the non-Van Halen songs are just out of place, to put it mildly. The game really suffers because of the band's volatility, IMO. If they hadn't broken up rearranged the members like 17 times, they would've had a more solid game. Not that they would care, of course.
7 years ago#13
So if they'd tried twice as hard it'd get a 10/10?
7 years ago#14
It's an exponential scale. If they tried twice as hard they'd get around a 7. Four times as hard would be around 8.5. Eight times as hard would be 9.25...
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7 years ago#15

I did not play GH:M but I did play GH:A. Lemme tell you, GH:VH was 100 times better than the Aerosmith P.O.S.

7 years ago#16
Disagreed. GH:A is way better in content. It had videos with band members, the stages actually had relevance, the supporting artists were a million times better, and for the most part enjoyed watching the virtual representations of the members much more.

That's with musical preference aside. I personally like Aerosmith and Van Halen pretty equally, but the VH songs are definitely tougher...
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