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StickyTrinity Universe Board Mini FAQ (Sticky)
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Borzoi69572/22 11:37AM
chapter 11 need help/character advice (Archived)tidus34622/23 11:12AM
Anchored Objects & Searching (Archived)1gamergurl111/21 4:53PM
Smaller party nails bonuses? (Archived)realrj29/24 11:07AM
Better than HDN1, also, censorship inconcistencies (Archived)Hojo_Inverse19/24 10:56AM
Looking for a List of What comes from each Synth Manual (Archived)knightblazer8518/30/2014
Which Atelier games get the most character cameos? (Archived)Vycoul412/8/2013
True Ending Question (Archived)rockymin311/20/2013
drifting question (Archived)jeii28/27/2013
List of (random) Dungeon bosses and their drops? (Archived)Bakuryu1618/27/2013
Bought the DLC, have the wrong version (Archived)Dazeonae27/16/2013
Possible to get the True Ending from a post game save? (Archived)PrinnyBoom26/8/2013
Does this have as much grinding/synthesizing/upgrading as Cross Edge? (Archived)FinalEternity46/6/2013
Riz's Final Chapter Questions (Archived)BluntF16/6/2013
So what was the item shop girl referring to? (Archived)dragon008515/8/2013
Considering this game (Archived)HOLyBlindSHOT95/3/2013
true end route. (Archived)lumnahsaiyan24/29/2013
Legit refrencnce by Flonne about 'hero of light' (Archived)dragon008563/21/2013
I could see this getting an enhanced portable version for the Vita (Archived)Bancario5113/21/2013
Best Chapter to Level? (Archived)thenagan23/1/2013
is the battle system turn based ? (Archived)Darkneo2022/17/2013
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