Guitar Hero Van Halen Help

#1redgaiaeraserPosted 1/2/2011 9:34:40 AM

To anyonethat still plays this game I need some band achievements but don't have enough people

I need to get 3 achievements need to get a 8x multiplyer as a band 100% a song (any difficulty) and play a song with the van halen guitarist bassist and drummer (Eddie Alex and Wolfgang) oh and get 800k on hot for teacher.

I can play guitar/bass on expert but my drums are messed up so i would have to play guitar/bass for 100%.

I have allcharacters and I will play bass so I just needa guitarist with Eddie and a drummer with Alex plus a singer who can play hot for teacherand who can get 100% on any song.

Gamertag ExpertproDrumer.