Magikarp madness, what do?

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6 years ago#1
So after recently getting back into Pokemon (last pokemon game I played was Diamond), I decided to get Platinum, and my plan was to finish that before moving onto Heartgold. So after finishing the main playthrough of platinum, I was determined to breed a 31 attack IV, 31 speed IV, adamant natured magikarp, then turn it into a level 30 or 40 beast gyarados (EV trained ofc).

My plan was then to get Heartgold, transfer over my Gyarados to my new game after finishing enough gyms to control a level 30 or 40 pokemon, and then using my Gyarados as my 'main' pokemon in the Heartgold playthrough. Because it'll have been a traded pokemon, i'd get EXP at an even faster rate, and because it's pretty much perfect in terms of IV's and EV's, it would be ready for use in wifi/battle tower when i'm done with the soul silver playthrough.

So, i've had some incredibly weird luck. I bred 68 magikarps, My parents were two magikarps, one with 31 attack IVs, one with 31 speed IVs. At about the 66th magikarp, I got a SHINY gold magikarp, and two eggs later... I got my desired magikarp with 31 speed and 31 attack with the RIGHT nature.

i realised I don't have any rare candies, so to EV train my magikarp, should I leave 'Daycare centre level it' until it's level 19, then fight other pokemon which give no EV's till it becomes Gyarados? I can then TM it Earthquake and HM it waterfall so it can get it's own EV's a lot more quickly. Is this the best way to do this? I havn't EV trained before, only bred for IV's in Diamond, then quit.

My last question is regarding trading - i'm using my friend's DS to transfer this pro Gyarados over to my new game when the time comes. However, can I trade over a gyarados from platinum to Heartgold if it knows a HM move (waterfall) and a TM move (earthquake)? I'm not sure about waterfall because wouldn't it mean I get a pokemon who knows a HM move before getting to that HM in the game?

TL;DR: I bred a magikarp with 31 speed IV's, 31 attack IV's, and has an Adamant nature in PLATINUM. I want to EV train it in platinum to about level 40, teach it waterfall and earthquake, then after I buy Heartgold and progress far enough in the game to allow trading, use my friend's DS to trade the gyarados over. Will this be allowed if my Gyarados knows a HM move - Waterfall?
6 years ago#2
As far as trading goes, everything should be fine. As far as levelling, keep it in the Daycare until it hits 19. But every pokémon gives EVs when you defeat it, so you just have to be careful which Pokémon your Magikarp/Gyarados gets EXP from. I would probably look up a list of which Pokémon give which EVs before training.
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6 years ago#3
It should be. I traded my Fly Staravia over.

Also, why don't you trade the egg to HG, hatch the egg, trade the Magikarp back to Diamon, then EV train it and level it up, then trade it back to HG as a super powered starter that obeys its master?? You have the tools to train in Diamond since it looks like you have power items over there...

EV training is also pretty hard to do at the start of the game unless you want speed...
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6 years ago#4
Orange Apples, what I meant was that I level up my gyarados and EV train it in platinum (lol not diamond, I lost it >.<) first, then send it off to HG, because I havn't even started HG yet.
6 years ago#5
You're either going to have to leave it in the Day Care until the desired level, or go ahead and EV train it in Platinum. Every Pokemon gives EVs when you defeat it.
6 years ago#6
haha, my bad, I just lump all of DPPl as Diamond.

but the idea of having an awesome gyarados just waiting until the 8th badge just seems like a waste to me.

Besides, you'd want to have the pictures of Gyarados along your journey instead of random pokemon.
My prediction for the end of Naruto: another more powerful bad guy will appear, Sasuke and Naruto will join forces, do the fusion dance and save the day.
6 years ago#7
Just finished EV training it, it's level 23 now. I taught it earthquake and waterfall, am going to leave 2 slots blank for Ice fang and dragon dance when it learns it.

Going to buy HG tomorrow, and after I get my first badge I should be able to control this level 23 gyarados right? It's going to be my 'main' pokemon for this playthrough :D
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