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Which game is hardest to Nuzlocke?

#1entei990Posted 10/10/2010 7:42:30 PM
Out of any of the 3rd and 4th Generation?
#2Mariofan15Posted 10/10/2010 9:47:08 PM
None of them. A nuzlocke run is only hard depending on what rules you follow and what restrictions you place on yourself. The game you do it in doesnt matter.
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#3NukeleoPosted 10/11/2010 1:49:13 AM
My vote goes to Pearl or Diamond. Neither of them are particularly forgiving in the "variety of available doods" department.
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#4KeybladeRYNO666Posted 10/11/2010 3:41:49 PM
Apparently Platinum's the hardest.
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#5RunitePosted 10/11/2010 5:02:22 PM
Not Platinum. Platinum's easier than D/P, and you can get an early Gible which basically wtfpwns the game balance.

Also, no PKMN game is hard under any circumstances, unless you have a rule which prevents you from powerleveling.

I once did a proof-of-concept Charmander solo in FireRed, with the following rules:

- no trading
- no items in battle, including held items
- only Scratch and Ember

It was easy. I was level 40 before I got to Viridian City for the first time.
#6KeybladeRYNO666Posted 10/11/2010 5:10:55 PM
Of course grinding forvever makes it easy. Look at all the solo runs running around. One of my rules for Nuzlocke is no grinding to a higher level than the next Gym Leader's strongest mon.
I ain't licking the sig of a Keyblade that can Rip You a New One (RYNO)
and is evil (666)-WiiIsTheChamp People who licks my sig: 48
#7RunitePosted 10/11/2010 5:26:33 PM
Ah. Well, in that case, it's probably Platinum.

The way Platinum nerfed difficulty was lowering enemy levels, but some movesets are harder to compensate. If you level-match in D/P, you'll find it relatively easy. Level-matching in Platinum could be more interesting.

That or Yellow, because you could conceivably end up with no way past Brock.
#8RunitePosted 10/11/2010 5:27:41 PM
I should probably back up that last sentence.

Pikachu/Pidgey/Rattata/Weedle/Pidgey is a perfectly viable team. If you end up with a bad catch west of Viridian and a bad catch in Viridian Forest, you're effectively screwed.
#9RockoisonSaturnPosted 10/11/2010 5:43:59 PM
Yellow didn't have Weedle in it. Caterpie.
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#10RunitePosted 10/11/2010 5:58:58 PM
...Yellow didn't have WEEDLE in it?

Everything I ever knew was a lie o_o