Best and Worst Pokemon Names

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6 years ago#1
Let us discuss this.

I would say Ho-ho is by far the worst. Ever. Can't unsee Santa Claus whenever I heard of this specific Pokemon.

On the other hand, I would say that Metapod is my favourite Pokemon name :o just sounds powerful and awesome, should be the name of some giant insect Pokemon and not the thing we know :(
6 years ago#2
Worst is by far Yanmega.

Best is Missingno., anything sfter it is a horrible name.

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6 years ago#3
You think Ho-ho is the worst? Think again, because Metoo is, without a doubt, the worst name for a legendary pokemon. First time I encountered it in Cerulean Cave, I was like WTF???
6 years ago#4

Both of you need to learn those Pokemon's names desperately.

They're called Ho-oh and Mewtwo, not "Ho-ho and Metoo".
Plat. FC- 3052-4785-2751
6 years ago#5
It is bad indeed, Nobita, but nothing can surpass the mediocrity of the two-syllable name "Ho-ho".

Skarmory is an awesome name as well.
6 years ago#6
It's HO-OH
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6 years ago#7
And what did GF think when they named that pokemon which Grimer evolves into? I mean, its name is K....*is shot*
6 years ago#8
How about the well-thought out names of Seel and Electrode. That must have taken lots of imagination. Thank god they named the new gear Pokemon Klink, unlike the previously thought Gear.
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6 years ago#9
Indeed! The same with Golem. And I was just thinkinh about Muk o_o
6 years ago#10
Garchomp sounds like something that would be born in a trailer camp
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