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Voltorb Flip

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6 years ago#1
So is it true that everyone outside Japan including the US is going to get the slot machines replaced with the Voltorb Flip minigame?
6 years ago#2

If it makes you feel better, the Japanese didn't get Voltorb Flip.
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6 years ago#3
I thought only European Versions were losing the slots
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6 years ago#4
Most American parents are fools that don't watch their foolish children close enogh so they give them foolishly a game like Pokemon and months later they foolishly relize that one foolish part of the game is not part of their foolish vision to their foolish child's foolish bright future. So they foolishly start foolish protest groups to foolishly annoy those who are foolishly older that foolishly enjoy the foolish censored foolish aspect of the games foolishly protestes foolishly protest about.
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6 years ago#5
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6 years ago#6
^lulz post of day!
6 years ago#7
Yep, letting your kids play a slot machine minigame is going to turn them into compulsive gamblers, just like letting them play a shooting game will turn them into violent murders. That's America for you.
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6 years ago#8
Here's a video, if anyone's curious
"You need to remember, not everyone on the Internet thinks like you." Serebii of
6 years ago#9
Who cares, from what I heard:

Voltorb Flip > Slots.
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6 years ago#10

I don't mind it. I really didn't like the slots.

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