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A Girl and her Eevee--Eevee Solo Run

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4 years ago#11
~Gym Time! Redux!~

Things went mildly better as right off the bat a lucky Crit took Scyther down to its Sitrus Berry. But I forced a switch unfortunately after a tail whip, and out came Metapod....Again he bests me with that damn U-Turn. :/

Try number three go! I think this time I will try to phaze him with Growl, until he switches out. :/ Other wise I may need to actually do some grinding...This is seriously ridiculous(Try four). Stupid Leer, and U-Turn. But I shall best you even if it takes me 100 tries, Bugsy!...Try number Five, go-go! This is seriously beginning to frustrate me, clearly it is Karma for Emma easily destroying everyone else.

Try Five:

Foe used Focus Energy.

I used Sand Attack.

Foe used U Turn, it missed.

I used Sand Attack.

And the Leering Begins. :/

Scyther's Acc -3, Def -1

Emma's Def -2 :/

Next Turn

Scyther Acc -3 Def -2

Emma Def -3 :/

Successful U-Turn brings me down to 2 HP :/

I'm cheating and Sending out Jean as a Meat Shield. :/

The only way I can see to win this is by trying X items, even though I really don't want to.

So after Chucking an X Accuary, X Attack, X Defense, and X Speed I think I may fair better against Scyther, now to swat away this Metapod. And down goes Scyther after I used Growl, before Focus Energy and one Tail Whip, it had to attack first with Quick Attack which allowed me to over take it. Au Revoir Tackle Bonjour Quick Attack!

Bugsy: Whoa! Amazing! You're an expert on Pokemon! Something like that...Here take the Hive Badge! Mkay. :]

Hooray I got eh Hive Badge!

Badges: Zephyr, Hive
Emma Level 22
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4 years ago#12
wow lol, reading this makes me want to do a solo run, this is an interesting read.
I stand alone...
4 years ago#13
*Leaving The Gym*

Ringringring! -Joey- Oh Hai Magenta! So I'm sooo uber elite and beat a Weedle it was sooo easy, it was like a cakewalk. But maybe that's because I'm sooo good at pokemon. KBai! ....

-Rival Fight!-

Imitate loss because of lack of Struggle.

Route 33
Eighty-five Painstaking acts of PP waste later....

Ringringring! -Liz- Haiii, Tania, gurl. ...My name is Magenta. How are you? This is Liz. My name is Magenta...I'm fine, but I'm bored silly! Huh...Wrong number? Oops! Sorry, BaiNao!

Phone calls, make my day...

More PP wasting....

Ringringring! -Ralph- 'Sup I hate you...This is Ralph, so the other day I let a Qwilfish get away from me! How embarrassing right, and my kid saw! But he was nice enough to give me some of his pokeballs. You call your mom sometimes, too! You're not my da--BaiNao! T.T

And thanks to a Wade phone call I must make my trek back to Route 31, hooray. :/ Oh well, more PP wasting for my Hipster rematch.

T.T An Aspear berry really Wade. Wade: *TrollFace* And Joey called again to tell me he failed to catch a Weedle, pathetic, oh well it's almost time for the show down!

After an unnecessary Crit I was officially out of PP for everything, and am about to get my Struggle on.

Good to see you again, Indigo, you hipster you. Of course I'm not hip, or in the scene to know about the underground super secret group Team Rocket.

Rival: Indigo

Struggle nearly kills Ghastly, but it had time to curse me, oh nuus....RAGE! Croconaw is too bulky to be hurt by struggle. And I won't live long with the effects of Curse, this could be a problem. :/ And curse murders Emma. :/

Looks like I'll be grinding to level thirty, hooray! ;-;
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.
4 years ago#14
I've always liked solo runs. It tests the true bond of the trainer and their Pokemon.
4 years ago#15
Rival: Indigo Rematch!

After getting lucky I managed to two-KO Ghastly with Struggle and not get cursed. Unfortunately I had to use up all my Healing items on Croconaw, and almost lost to Zubat, but with one HP remaining Emma prevailed. Emma also grew to level twenty-five. And now it is Ilex Forest time whee~

Ilex Forest

Just as I take my first few steps I'm assaulted once again by a townie, they should really put a bell on them. :/

HOMG! I losted Farfetch'd well you prease go find it for me--because I'm much to lazy and incompetent to do it myself? I guess so...Oh and prease don't use Eevee to just knock it out and bring it back. I would prefer you play tag with it. Nya! T.T

THIS JUST IN! Ringringring! -Anthony- 'Sup, this is Anthony. Sooo I was a battling this Hoppip the other day...It totally ran away when I was oggling a Beauty, learn from my mistakes! But I don't like gir--BaiNAO! Phone calls...They make my day.

After capturing the little bugger, I returned him to the awkward townie, who was much to lazy to do such an easy task. Wait there was a second one. Mother Ph---- Townie *TrollFace* After catching the second Farfetch'd I was ready to return to the brat. I should've just joined Team Rocket when I had the chance. *Le sigh*

Just then another Townie appeared this one gave me an HM for my hard work, Before telling me I needed the Gym badge, thankfully I have it. Now to get rid of that tiny twig of a tree, that apparently I'm too stupid to snap with my own hands. Thankfully Saddie proved her usefulness by being able to learn cut.

Somewhere in the Forest Emma and I spied a fat townie headbutting a tree...Odd, after speaking to him he offered to teach Emma the ways of the Headbutt, so naturally I let him teach her! Emma decided to stop playing dirty with Sand Attack, and fight mean with Headbutt!

Just as we are about to leave, I'm assaulted by a mysterious woman with poor grammar. -Kimono Girl- Kimono Gurl, Kimono Gurl, lost and all alone. Poor gurl lost in the dark Ilex Forset, But the exit is right th--- What!? You remember me from Violet City? You must be imagining! Ohohoho~ Will you show me the way out of the forest nao? ...I guess so, stupid. And so Emma shows the brainiac the way out, and we return to our journey.

Route 34

(Side note Sandshrew is sooo cute! I must do a solo run with it!)

Ringringring! -Mother- Hello? Oh HAI! Magenta! How are you? Soo, I was shopping, and spent all your money! I totally found you a useful item too, and not something I picked up off the ground. BaiNao! *Le Sigh*

None of the trainers really did much to stop Emma's Headbutt attack, so as Joey says ''It was a total cakewalk because I'm so elite!"

Just as I'm causally strolling past the daycare none other than Ethan appears. Grandpa thanks for the Marill that totally doesn't hate me! Oh Hai! Magenta *Sigh* Hello Ethan...She also raise pokemon, just not as good as you Grandpa! Ouch, bit--Follow me! I don't wanna...Grandma! Let me introduce you to Magenta! -Krusty old lady- Aha so this is your girl...friend. Grandma! What are you talking about, she just happens to live next door to us, and I stalk her...I mean talk to her. Awkward...-Ethan- BaiNao! HOMG! I almost forgot here is my pokegear number! I promise to call you all the time with 'useful' information! BaiNao again! And after another awkward moment about Ethan not liking me I tried to escape only to have the old foggie assault me with his number aswell. Hooray.

And after one last Trainer battle I was in Goldenrod City

Until next time, Monsters~

Badges: Zephyr, Hive
Emma: Level: 26
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4 years ago#16
Goldenrod City

After slapping around the silly nerds in the underground, Emma and I made our way to Radio Tower.

Ready for the super intense quiz! Sure I guess...

Question One!

Can you check the town map with the Pokegear?



Question Two!

Nidorina can only be female, true.

<.< Um yes...

Correct again!

Question Three

Kurt the famous ball maker uses, apricots as ingreduents?

Um no...

HOMG Correct

Question Four!

It is impossible to use a TM on Magikarp?

Um, yes.


Correct! Please take the Radio card!

-Whitney- HOMG! You got all those questions right!? No wai! I could have swore Kurt used apricots! BaiNao!

Okay then...

Up next a Gym fight with uber ditz!
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.
4 years ago#17
-Gym Time-

Whitney HOMG! I saw you at the Radio Tower! Like everyone was into pokemon, so I too decided to like pokemon! Hehehe Aren't I great? Oh right let's battle!

The battle was surprisingly easy, I OHKO'd Clefairy, and then I ended up cause Miltank to flinch inbetween super potion healing.

Waaaaaaaaaah! You meanie! T.T Are you kidding me? Give me the badge! NO! And as I'm about to leave I'm assaulted by a gym hussie. After I threatened to slap her senseless she handed over the gym badge,and TM 45 Attract! Hooray!

Emma Level 28
Badges Zephyr, Hive, Plain

Until next time!
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.
4 years ago#18

Hi Iris, the old site got hacked and was deleted so while we try to recover it we've moved to here

4 years ago#19
The trainers on Route 35, where a breeze, same for those in National Park, and Route 37.

Ecruteak City

First I disposed of the Rocket bothering the 'witch' Kimono girl, to obtain Surf from the old man.

-Eusine- I heard the pokemon Suicune is rumored to be in this tower, have you seen it? *Looks down the big gaping hole.* No? There's Suicune right there! He then passive agressively asks if I will go and scare Suicune, lazy townies.

Just then I notice Indigo! The infamous Hipster! A battle to the death was then instantly activate, because that's just how you do it--don't cha know. And with ease he too fell, Though Crocnaw is still surprisingly bulky, as it took two headbutts to KO it. Unfortunately with Bite, and Dig Emma is pretty much now goddess mode in coverage, though The Fighting Gym may be the toughest fight yet.

After the decent downward, the legendary beasts take off, and Eusine insist that we shall meet again, oh joy. I then make my way to the Ecruteak city gym, for a ghostly gym battle. Ahahahaha~

Morty reminds me of Drifblim...

Anywhoo, he was surprisingly easier than I remember, Gengar was the only Threat, but it seems he doesn't let it use Dream Eater, so Sucker Punch was laughable, the only annoyance was the fact that Hypnosis kept hitting.

But I got the Fog Badge Yeah!

Until next time, Monsters.
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.
4 years ago#20
-Bump- Because you all love Magenta, and bleh Sophmore year of college is no
So, I'm a member of the Banzuke Wi-Fi League. It's nifty you should join. It would make me smile.
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