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Can't confirm Elm Responses (RNG)

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3 years ago#1
I just beat the Elite 4 and have arrived in Kanto. I knocked out both Entei and Raikou and haven't activated Latios or Latias yet.

I'm trying to get a Celebi from this wondercard I've stored for awhile now. However, I can't get Elm responses to match up to find out what Seed I've hit. I've try to create more adjacent results, however his responses don't ever match.

I've successfully bred and captured many Pokemon using the RNG method, however for some reason, I can't confirm Elm responses anymore. Does seeing Suicine after arriving in Vermillion have anything to do with it?
3 years ago#2
I changed the Cal. Second from 15 to 14 in Pika Timer and everything worked fine afterwards.

If anyone is wondering (as natures for wonder cards are random), I got a Modest Celebi at around the 20th time I hit the delay (lost count).
3 years ago#3
Yeah, sometimes you have to modify either Calibrated Second or one of the timer's seconds to get Pikatimer to work correctly. Either way, I suggest switching to EonTimer. It's much more reliable and it self-sustaining.
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