Best Dragonite?

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User Info: nach_5789

3 years ago#1
I haven't beaten the game yet, still I read and know about IVs, EVs, natures, the berries, items and other stuff to make a competitive party. I have an Adamant Feraligatr, which is good imo because attack is the stat to boost on him. His future moveset will be:

Crunch/Swords Dance
Ice Fang

Not decided if let crunch to crush psychic lead or swords dance to try the OH KO.

Question is, if I'm already getting a physical Feraligatr after I clear the game, would getting a physichal Dragonite be a waste? Which is better, a physical Dragonite or a Special Dragonite?

I just discovered this EV stuff not long ago so I don't even know how a team composition must be or most of the terms experienced trainers use. I'm just reading what I can. Thanks in advance.

User Info: Pro7o

3 years ago#2
phys dragonite is better
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User Info: nach_5789

3 years ago#3
Thanks for the answer.

User Info: Pro7o

3 years ago#4
Sorry for a crappy post,

Dragonite's base attack is 134.

A special Dragonite can be usable, his Sp. Attack is 100. He gets moves like Flamethrower, thunder, and draco meteor. I'm guessing he can also get T-bolt, fire blast, and dragon pulse
"Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad"

User Info: nach_5789

3 years ago#5
Hey Pro7o, thanks for the useful info again, but I'm getting the feeling that you felt some sarcasm on my first post, in which atually there isn't any. I was indeed really grateful for your answer. It doesn't matter how simple it is. :)

User Info: SarutobiII

3 years ago#6
Mine is with a Persim Berry/Leftovers and Jolly nature. 252 EVs in Speed and Attack.
ExtremeSpeed/Dragon Dance
Try it, It's awesome.
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