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User Info: jrshadow42

3 years ago#1
1)If pokemon faints. Either Release or Box it into the box called Peace
2) First Pokemon encounter,Must catch.
3).All pokemon caught must be nicknamed.
4) 3 items per battle.
5) If a wild pokemon faints. The Route is closed
6) 8 Pokemon Center uses in each town.
Ok This is settled! Let's start!
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User Info: jrshadow42

3 years ago#2
Chapter 1: Errands,Pokegear and a Totodile.

My eyes opened as the sun shine on my face. Today was a great day. I stood up stretching my arms before I go to the shower,got dressed and went downstairs. I see my mom cooking pancakes.
Mom: Beckom,Have some Pancakes before getting your first Pokemon.
I nodded to her. That's right my name is Beckom.
I wanted a pokemon since I was a little todler,Now after my B-day has past. I can clam it.

After eating and getting stuff. I went outside and trip over a Marril. I screamed as I fell.

"What the hell Marril?" I said to the aqua pokemon. The pokemon giggled as I saw Lyra.

"Oh gosh. I'm sorry for what Marril did!" She said to me. I blushed at the cute face.

"It's okay.." I assured her. She smiled as she walks away. Marril followed her. I smiled as I walk to Prof. Elm's lab.
"Hey professor!" I shouted to the working old man. The man turned around to see me.

"Oh Beckom! Ready to claim your first Pokemon?"
Elm asked. I nodded hastily. He smiled as he gets 3 pokeballs from the machine. He released them all from their pokeballs.

"These are Leaf the Chikorita,Blare the Cyndaquil and Aqua the Totodile! So who do you pick?" Elm asked ernestly. I pointed at Totodile.

"Great choice!" He said as he gave me Aqua's Pokeball. I smiled as I was about to walk away until..
"Hey Beckom! I also want you to go to Mr. Pokemon's House. He has a strange egg that he wants me too look." He said as I sighed. I went out the lab and I saw Lyra playing with marrill. She saw me as she walks over.

" Hey Beckom! Who did you picked?" She asked. I pointed at my Aqua.
"A totodile." I said to her. She smiled.
" Well your mom asked you to go back to the house. Your Pokegear is back." She said to me as I nodded. I ran back to my house and saw Mom.
"Honey. Your pokegear is back!" She said as she gave me my old pokegear. I smiled.
" I'll be doing some errands for Prof.Elm so bye Mom!" I said as I went out the door.
"Bye Beckom!" She said as I closed the door.
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User Info: jrshadow42

3 years ago#3
Sorry If its bad. I'll update later.
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User Info: SinisterSandman

3 years ago#4
It's a refreshing new look at the game. I like.
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User Info: jrshadow42

3 years ago#5
Filler Chapter: Talking Pokemon,Shiny Failure,Mystery Egg and Prof. Oak.

After Elm gave his number.
Me and Aqua walk through the dark green grass,while beating some pokemon. Me and Aqua grew attached a bit as we trek. At noon we reached Cherrygrove as we introduced an energetic old man.

" Welcome to Cherrygrove! Do you want a tour?"
The old man asked. I shook my head as I was walking through him. He suddenly grabbed my hand and took me on a tour. I sighed as he shown me the Pokemon Center,Pokemon Mart,The bare ocean and his house. He gave me his 'new' Running shoes. I decided to heal my Aqua before treking out again.

After those things. We reached Route 2. I decided to walk so me and Aqua bond.
"We're close buddy!" I said to my Pokemon.

"Yes We are." He suddenly said to me. My eyes widen.

"Uh Aqua what did you say?" I asked him.
" I said Yes we are." He said again. I was shellshocked by now.

"How can you talk?" I said to him. He leaned his head.
" I don't know actually. I just learned." He said.
" Well let's go then..." I said as we walk.

After a guy gave us a Apricorn Box. Me and aqua walk through the grass and saw a discolored Pidgey. It's feathers were gold.

"Aqua use Rage!" I said as he nods and charge at
The discolored pidgey. The pidgey dodges as it ran away.

"That was strange..." I said to Aqua.
" Yeah. Shiny Pokemon Rarely exist. It's like 1 percent you can see them. I guess you got lucky" he said to me. I smiled as we continue our walk to Mr. Pokemon's house.
After 5 mins of trecking and battling. We made it to Mr. Pokemon's House. I knocked on the door. Then somebody opens it. It Mr.pokemon.

"Hey are you the one who Prof.elm sent?" He said to me. I nodded as he smiled.
" Well C'mon in!" He said ethuatastically. I entered his house as he was lifting a big egg.
" Can you bring it back to Elm? This is a rare egg. I bet it wasn't in Johto." He said to me as he gave me the egg. I look on the window to see its night.
" Why don't you sleep here for tonight?" He suggested as I smiled and nodded.

Morning came as I rubbed my eyes. I saw Aqua wide awake as well. Mr.Pokemon said good morning to us.
"Well see you next time Mr.Pokemon!" I said to him. He smiled as he gave me a red machine.

" This was left by Prof. Oak himself. He told me to gave it to you." He said as I wonder. Whose this prof. Oak? Well I'll know in the near future...
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User Info: jrshadow42

3 years ago#6
SinisterSandman posted...
It's a refreshing new look at the game. I like.

Well thanks! I'll try better.
Victini gives you Victories! So use it well!
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