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Whats your favorite legendary dog? (Archived)
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Possible DSi capabilities (Archived)Mr_Greentights15/16/2009
so this game was the first to introduce shines (Archived)queirotacobell45/16/2009
New form (Archived)AerialLight25/16/2009
Are you going to pick the same starter like you did in Gold/Silver? (Archived)
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Pokemon HG and SS Doodle time! (Archived)
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Remember when Kakuna has arms? (Archived)ssj_duelist65/16/2009
Krys isn't the girl character... (Archived)
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Ice Cave (Archived)Hero_of_Time2235/16/2009
So...did they put Red back into this game? *spoilers* (Archived)krotoslol25/16/2009
This is absolutely my favorite tune from G/S/C (Archived)ShadowTheHHFan25/16/2009
chiko's sprite looks good than cyndaquil and totodile (Archived)Flootenkerp25/16/2009
Are they beasts, dogs, or cats? I have a better quesion.... (Archived)ultimateGEARS25/16/2009
Is Suicune good? (Archived)OLKv455/16/2009
Pick your starter (Archived)
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Lance should get a spin off (Archived)ssj_duelist75/16/2009
Will you guys get Silver or Gold? (Archived)
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what gameboy pokemon games do u or your friends still have? (Archived)jumper123475/15/2009
Red Gyardos... (Archived)
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I'll be dissapointed if Hariyama isn't in this. (Archived)SailorMook25/15/2009