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So, next after this, we'll be getting Ruby and Sapphire remakes... (Archived)
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I am a fish195/14/2009
I could beat up a Typhlosion (Archived)
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heart gold soul silver compatible with gold and silver (Archived)ichidansan55/14/2009
I can already see this game becoming more popular than Soul Silver (Archived)HyperMetaDragon85/14/2009
I don't care what anyone says, pressing A in the right pattern increases your... (Archived)
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will there be/have, add/fix (Archived)toxica25/14/2009
Seismic Toss (Archived)Dem_Irbis35/14/2009
what games are good? (Archived)josh4843945/14/2009
ATTN: Slice wing (Archived)Awakaning25/14/2009
is ss anne accessible in kanto (i forgot haven't played for ages) (Archived)toxica45/14/2009
Kurt and his balls (Archived)
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Are crappy Pokemon doomed to be crappy forever? (Archived)
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A new and original topic (Archived)josegabacho45/14/2009
Something cool they could add.... (Archived)Hirokey12365/14/2009
This is nuts... (Archived)NobleRoar65/14/2009
So excited! (Archived)RoyalGuard1265/14/2009
I made cookies! (Archived)Seekcro105/14/2009
Gym Leaders- Stand back, these guys are professionals. (Archived)PlatinumAce75/14/2009
So... what exactly is chikorita? (Archived)
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when do u think this games coming out in the US? (Archived)Piplupfan77095/14/2009