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Wonder what kind of PokeDex this game will have... (Archived)Gastroid25/14/2009
They should get rid of the majority of all non-damage inflicting moves. (Archived)
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Want a Slowpoketail? (Archived)
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My friend is so silly. (Archived)
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was all this EV/IV stuff around in gen 1 and 2??? cause i dont recall (Archived)icegreen395/14/2009
will the starter's evolutions still be able to follow you around? (Archived)
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Next up to be remade: FireRed and LeafGreen?????? (Archived)
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wut is this? (Archived)xXLightGhostXx95/14/2009
Which starter should I pick? (Archived)
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Forgot how easy GSC was (Archived)
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FINALY!!! And does everyone realize what this means? (Archived)SWBF2Pilot95/14/2009
I remember... (Archived)BluesSoul61765/14/2009
which version will you get??? (Archived)hesu200055/14/2009
While waiting for HG/SS should I (Archived)Kheaos85/14/2009
so a couple of questions (Archived)friskyninja1445/14/2009
OMG I feel so damn stupid xD (Archived)Elekible45/14/2009
Name Suggestions for Eeveelutions. (Archived)
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Remake Ideas (Archived)XxCacicxX45/14/2009
A very bold prediction. (Archived)Minjo Master55/14/2009
What did you name your rival in G/S? (Archived)
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