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What pokemon would you recommend to use during the game? (Archived)WaterBandit47/18/2014
pokemon trade (Archived)Loksley799127/17/2014
can i reach 100 win in battle tower ss (Archived)aggelospadfoot17/14/2014
Is Staraptor basically a weaker Garchomp? (Archived)iOL244227/12/2014
Pokemon Heartgold team help (Archived)freshx_xPrince17/11/2014
So no way to get trade pokemon? (Archived)biohazard15167/10/2014
How to beat Lance in Heartgold ?? (Archived)HeartHackee1127/10/2014
HG/SS SR for shiny starter (Archived)omhitsez12727/9/2014
Just starting the game. What do I need to know. Couple of Questions. (Archived)SHINY_W3421L57/7/2014
Where's a good place train in Johto during the Radio Tower? (Helpful spoiler) (Archived)Finale_Wanderer17/6/2014
For HG/SS, is the tier list identical to the Gen IV one used for D/P/Platinum? (Archived)slk_2317/2/2014
Just to make sure (Archived)jarsteve26/30/2014
Question about Safari Zone. (Archived)SiLeNtSOMA56/25/2014
How much would these following Pokemon games cost at GameStop? (Archived)PokemonMegaFan76/25/2014
(A)lakazam, (B)ellsprout, (C)roconaw... (Archived)SinisterSandman76/22/2014
Pokewalker Question (Not exploits) (Archived)Gunbladelad26/5/2014
how to breed for HP ice with these pokes? (Archived)Ratchet_Fan826/5/2014
The pricing of this game as of 2014 (Archived)
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Heart Scale Trading (Archived)Fennyariel35/22/2014
Functional symptoms of a fake cartridge? (Archived)joossa75/21/2014
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