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7 years ago#1
I'm trying to find all the sprites for moemon.
I will do some edits. Unown spinda and deoxys.
But I need the sprites (including shiney)

Anyone know where I can find them?

Even google failed me (WTF right?)
Being a troll is all about saying the wrong things at the right time.
7 years ago#2
Well, you really ought to Google in Japanese to find the sprites. Alternatively, you can complete the pokedex ingame and just save a ton of images to alter.

If you're really something amazing, you should be able to deconstruct the Moemon patch and get the data for all the Moemon images.
so nanoka~
7 years ago#3
Moemon = A Pokemon with a lot of Moe? >_>
Golden Sun DS
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7 years ago#4

Well...first 151. Last I played Moemon on Emerald, they didn't even do a quarter of RSE pokemon, and basically didn't do that many GSC pogies.
The Moemon site. Way too lazy to figure out what's been updated since over a year ago. I suggest just upping a patch, putting in a complete pokedex code into VBA, and just imaging all the sprites from there.
so nanoka~
7 years ago#5
One problem...
The back sprites (I love whimsurs)
And the shineys.
Being a troll is all about saying the wrong things at the right time.

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