Where do I find the Good Rod

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User Info: ssj_goku921

7 years ago#1
Hey im just wandering where to find the good rod in this game, ive got surf but i want a water pokemon, i have searched olivine city but cannot find it.

Thanx in advanced

P.S i also posted this as a question in the "Answers" page but no-one answered it and i need it ASAP, so feel free to answer my question there.
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User Info: agoogua

7 years ago#2
IDK, but I know you can get Poliwag, Magikarp, and Tentacool with the old rod

User Info: mb257

7 years ago#3
its in olivine city in the building above the pokecenter
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User Info: gamingmaster12

7 years ago#4
It IS in Olivine City.
There is a house in Olivine, near the Pokemon Center I think, where a fisherman will give you the Good Rod if you talk to him.
There might be an option to choose between two options, and you should just choose the top one which always says "yes".

User Info: ssj_goku921

7 years ago#5
wait mabye im in the wrong city, which one i s olivine?? sorry guys.
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User Info: Toy_Box

7 years ago#6
Port city with lighthouse
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User Info: ssj_goku921

7 years ago#7
ohhh, found it ty very much.
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