Can you trade eggs?

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6 years ago#1
Or do you have to wait till you get the National Dex?

Also how do you get the National Dex in this game?
6 years ago#2

1)From what I heard, you can start trading pokemon or pokemon eggs into HG/SS as soon as you get your pokedex. ( could be wrong)

2)I think thatyou get the national dex by seeing all 250 pokemon.

Again, I could be wrong. Maybe someone who actually has the import version could give a more elaborate and correct answer. Sorry...

6 years ago#3
once you beat your rival, you can trade eggs
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6 years ago#5
But can you trade with pokemon or pokemon eggs that are not on the Johto dex?

I know the next Johto Dex does include pokemon like Togekiss, but will you be able to trade something like a Pikachu egg but not a Bidoof egg?

I thought before you couldn't trade eggs until you beat the Elite four
6 years ago#6
idk my bff jill
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6 years ago#8
yeah but can it hatch?
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6 years ago#10
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