Totodile is the best starter for Johto

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User Info: SuperLuigiFan64

7 years ago#1
Do not deny it.
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User Info: Mariofan15

7 years ago#2
Agreed.I always pick Totodile.
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User Info: thunderknight91

7 years ago#3

User Info: CharizardFire

7 years ago#4
I agree with TC.

User Info: roronoakakashi

7 years ago#5
Heck yes! I've always started with totodile in GSC
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User Info: spidey146

7 years ago#6
I've always loved Chickorita.
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User Info: thenewcthulhu

7 years ago#7
Water is usually the best when comparing them to each other because it can use water and ice.

User Info: XRay2984

7 years ago#8
While Totodile may have the most balanced stats, water types much more common than fire and grass types. I mean, plenty of people will use red Gyarados even if they choose Totodile. Since Chikorita really a more defensive minded pokemon and gets raped by early gyms, I would say that Cyndaquil is the best. Also, there's not a lot of fire types pre-Elite 4.
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User Info: T_swordsman

7 years ago#9
its a m*********ing croco, its that awesome by nature HELL YEA!
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User Info: IAmTehGreiv

7 years ago#10
Water starters are always the easiest to breeze through the game with.

Also, love all Johto starters. :3
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