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Action Replay Shiny Starters

#1buulecoomPosted 4/24/2010 3:16:53 PM
I was just wondering if anybody has a code to get a shiny starter pokemon. I got Soul Silver just a about a week ago and had Heart Gold from launch and been playing it. Then I saw something on youtube about getting a shiny starter if you soft reset the game and eventually you'll get one out of the three. Well I tried it and I had a bite of time to try it too. I had two days off from work in a row when I tried it. I can't tell you how many times I tried it but it just didn't work for me and I was hoping that someone might have a code for or know where to get a code for it or even know how to make a code for it. Please and thank you.
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#2Sephiroth500000Posted 4/24/2010 3:28:56 PM
I tried a alot of times to get my shiny totdile but i didnt get it. I beat the game on Heart Gold, and i beat Ash/Red and i get to get a kanto starter. Im going to keep trying until i get a shiny charmander. It could take over 5000 soft resets to get a shiny pokemon. Im still trying to get my shiny charmander. No i dont have a code for a shiny starter. Im trying to get i legit.
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#3buulecoom(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2010 4:27:38 AM
Yeah I know what you mean. I have action replay just sitting around I can't even recall the last time I used it. But the shiny starter thing is driving me crazy. I think it's maybe because I saw so many people on youtube with one. And it made me want to get one, but after like two days of doing nothing but eating my meals and doing soft resets. I'm about ready to go nuts. LOL
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#4buulecoom(Topic Creator)Posted 4/25/2010 5:37:31 PM
Sorry for posting again so soon, but I found the code that makes everything shiny. From starters, to events and even legendary pokemon. Here for your enjoyment and don't credit me with this I just found it. LOL Enjoy

621d1584 00000000
0206defc 47004800
0206df00 02000001
e2000000 0000003c
6800480d 490b6840
88011808 9c0d8842
40510c24 20074061
04244041 940d430c
21001c28 f06eaa0d
4801fea3 46c04700
0206df05 000000dc
021d1584 00000000
d2000000 00000000

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