favorite gym leader?

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User Info: elite_1_1_7

7 years ago#11
The psychic duo from R/S/E... Can't remember their names.
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User Info: SupremeLord5050

7 years ago#12

Tate and Liza
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User Info: CapComet

7 years ago#13
Koga. I've always had a soft spot for Ninjas.
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User Info: GreenDunsparce

7 years ago#14
R.I.P. joel aka IAMTYPO we'll never forget you

User Info: Gogsh

7 years ago#15

I beat him with Pikachu in yellow before,

spent ages leveling up and beat him with a level 20 odd Pikachu with Slam
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User Info: Platinumashes

7 years ago#16
Flannery and Misty
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