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How does the Safari Zone work?

#1NeoZephyrPosted 3/22/2010 7:15:43 AM
I tried posting this on the HeartGold board, but it fell to page God only knows almost immediately after I posted it with no replies. So sorry if you're reading this a second time.

I just cleared the Elite Four, so I finally have access to putting blocks in the Safari Zone. I'm really hoping to pick up a Gible, but seeing as it takes 100 days, I want to set it up right rather than finding out after 100 days that I did something wrong and have to start at day 0 again.

Gible appears in Rocky Beach and requires 13 Grass Blocks and 17 Rocky Blocks. I don't have any Grass Blocks yet, so does this mean the day countdown doesn't start until Grass Blocks become available and I place 13 of them? Or does the day countdown begin when I place Rocky Beach in the Safari Zone, and if I place all 30 blocks in there on day 100, Gible will appear?

In a similar vein, according to serebii, by day 100, each block counts as 4. So does that mean I only need 4 Grass and 5 Rocky Blocks on Rocky Beach if I place them on the first day, since by day 100 they would effectively count as 16 Grass and 20 Rocky? Or if I only put down 4 and 5, will it wait until day 100 (the first day they would count for 16 and 20) before it starts the day countdown (effectively taking 200 days for Gible to appear if I only put down 4 and 5 to start, rather than placing the full 13 and 17)?

Also related, I understand that if you switch around the Safari Zone, the day counter resets to 0. Does that only count for swapping around maps? Or does placing and removing blocks also reset the counter?

Thanks in advance, everyone!