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SRing for shiny rayquaza.

#1Szpytek23Posted 5/31/2010 5:24:01 PM
Just hoping for a little luck, wondering how long it took other people who did this.
#2dj4242Posted 5/31/2010 5:45:09 PM
it can be done, it took me only 3 hours to get it, ive heard of people who have had to reset for weeks to get one. good luck man
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#3Szpytek23(Topic Creator)Posted 5/31/2010 5:51:41 PM
Thanks, hopefully it will only take me three hours too.
#4Shadowmaster_MPosted 5/31/2010 6:21:18 PM
Know your SID? You may want to try RNGing for it, it's pretty easy if you find a step-by-step vid on YouTube,
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#5Szpytek23(Topic Creator)Posted 5/31/2010 6:56:58 PM
i have no clue what my SID is, how do you find out???
#6MasterSword366Posted 5/31/2010 7:10:16 PM
You'd need an AR or someone with one. You can try posting on the Trade boards and ask if anyone will be willing to find yours out for you. All you'd have to do is trade them a Pokemon (any one) and they can do it for you.
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#7argonianlover62Posted 5/31/2010 7:37:02 PM
Prolly too late but you can use Red Gyarados to find your SID if it's untouched or if you somehow remember EVERY single pokemon you fought.....and I think on RNG Reporter there is a calculator to find your SID with Shinies just calculate it with Red Gyarados or if you have a shiny you can use that.
You should also calculate the Gyarados multiple times if you didnt catch it yet so it can accurately calculate your SID

=/ B4 I used RNG it took my 3 months to get a Shiny Sudowoodo....
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#8ThePlizzantPosted 5/31/2010 8:17:45 PM
more specifically, it requires knowing the IV's for any caught shiny that is not the LoR Gyarados, or a list of IV's for about 7 LoR Gyarados (which are obtained by fighting it, catching it, figuring out the IV's, resetting, and repeating).

So basically, if you've caught any shiny besides LoR Gyarados, we can find your SID and figure out how exactly to get you that Rayquaza without having to spend weeks SRing. Btw, a friend of mine spent 6 weeks SRing to get his shiny Rayquaza. Just saying.
#9TsukazaPosted 5/31/2010 10:38:58 PM
RNG is out for SS/HG?

If so, how do you do it? I can only do it on my diamond.
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#10nicocaneteOPosted 5/31/2010 11:46:19 PM
I have one!!! From a trade and legit.
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