Chances of breeding shiny pokemon?

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6 years ago#1
I can't remember all the percentages, but I know one of them involved a shiny and made it 1/168 percent possible for a shiny baby, and breeding with a shiny ditto it 12*16 percent.

What if you breed two shines together? Same pokemon and everything?

Like the red garado's (SP) ? Because I'm breeding my male red Garados with my little brother's Female red Garados and want to know how likly it will be to get a blue magikarp. <3
6 years ago#2
Breeding shinies doesn't increase your chances of hatching a shiny baby; breeding two Pokemon from different language games does. And it only decreases chance to 1/2048. You're probably thinking of the original GSC games, where breeding shinies did have an increased chance of hatching a shiny baby. That changed in gen 3 when shininess was no longer determined by IVs. And shiny Magikarp are gold, not blue.
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6 years ago#3
Normal chances of finding a non-scripted shiny (either wild or from an egg) - 1/8192
Chances of hatching a shiny egg from two shiny parents - 1/8192
Chances of hatching a shiny egg from two parents of different languages and regions - 1/2048
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6 years ago#4
Aha! Okay ^^

I see. Sorry for the confusions! I didn't know they changed it in Gen three.........That kinda sucks.

Oh well! *Goes back to insanly breeding magikarps for trading fodder*
6 years ago#5
You could also try your hand at RNG manipulation. It's probably your best bet in HGSS, especially if you don't have different language pokemon to breed with. Otherwise, be prepared to waste a lot of time before you finally find a shiny, if ever.
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6 years ago#6
What is RNG?
6 years ago#7
Basically it's a method of manipulating the game into giving you shiny pokemon, pokemon with perfect IV's and the like. It takes a bit of practice, and you need a lot of things in-game for the initial set up, but I've hatched quite a few shinies with it. Look for some tutorials on smogon.
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6 years ago#8
Smogon? Is that a site? (Ish very intrigued)
6 years ago#9
Yeah, here's the tutorial that helped me a lot.
Rock on.
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