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happiness rater says different things?

#1elevenieePosted 11/21/2011 12:08:39 AM
The happiness rater in Goldenrod City is saying different things than the Bulbapedia article on Happiness says that they should.

This is what the article says the person should say for each level:

"It is super friendly to you! I'm a bit jealous!" 250-255
"It is quite friendly to you! You must be a kind person!" 200-249
"It's friendly toward you. It looks sort of happy." 150-199
"It's quite cute." 100-149
"You should treat it better. It's not used to you." 50-99
"It doesn't seem to like you at all. It looks mean." 0-49

However, I'm getting a "I feel like it really trusts you," which isn't on the list. How do I know if my pokemon is at max happiness when I can't figure out what the number's at?
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#2Mikey_RPosted 11/21/2011 6:58:19 AM
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