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Action Replay Code Request for Pokemon SoulSilver (Archived)KaizerGreymon13/21 3:10PM
Happy 5th birthday to Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver (Archived)OrangeCrush98013/14 4:32AM
If my roommate has heart gold and I have soul silver can we battle each other (Archived)metroidfreakv443/12 10:09PM
VICTORY with Only one under leveled pokemon left! (Archived)RFC2213/10 5:25PM
Soul silver mark shiny action replay code WITHOUT level up. (Archived)4runnerfeller13/10 5:57AM
Fair price for SoulSilver? (Archived)Crassthenewcomb43/6 1:19PM
Trying to create a traveling/E4 team, how's this? (Archived)crystalfury240642/24 1:19PM
Need some pokewalker help. (Archived)gfjjhsdfhshx22/16 1:45PM
Are new evolutions blocked like in FR/LG? (Archived)AsIfByMagic32/2 3:31AM
GTS still up and working? (Archived)St_Bernabeu22/1 12:31PM
Can you... (Archived)gfjjhsdfhshx41/26 8:52PM
Do you need to have a PokeWalk? (Archived)StaceyUK71/18 6:57AM
Tips on making money for a newbie player (Archived)StaceyUK91/1 7:27AM
Looking for this game (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lordofelemental1112/24 6:20PM
Can't play on 3DS? "Save data could not be accessed" (Archived)Mario_Bones411/26 10:26AM
Pokemon stuck on Pokewalker (Archived)PrincessSilicia411/14 9:00PM
Started a Nuzlocke with Chikorita as starter (Archived)RPGgamer777511/10 5:37PM
GB Player Action Replay? (Archived)Neofrodo311/10 9:07AM
What are the problems with fakes? (Archived)BobbySura311/7 12:09PM
My game keeps freezing all of a sudden... Help!! (Archived)Cuban4Life611/6 6:07AM
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