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Can anyone get Draco Jirachi? (Archived)
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Gen II and Gen IV never had a "starter bug" Pokemon, right? (Archived)
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After hearing about the new Dark type, who thought there was going to be... (Archived)
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no more new pokemon=new Wii game. (Archived)STHSWN36/18/2009
What's your favourite Pokemon?! (Archived)
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any one remember how to do the cloning glitch gsc? (Archived)Destructorcrush56/18/2009
Odd Egg? (Archived)SSJ3Chris36/18/2009
Silver Solo Run (Archived)MillicentMagic86/18/2009
is this game out in the USA?? (Archived)
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New Footage (Battle theme!!!) (Archived)
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Easiest starter for main story line? (Archived)SecretGamer300076/18/2009
Who else will be importing? (Archived)
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That area just west of Cinnawood Island... (Archived)MercuryEnigma86/17/2009
does anyone else think it would be cool if.... (Archived)Chaos4629066/17/2009
Team for Elite Four (Archived)New0rld5546/17/2009
Notched-Ear Pichu or... (Archived)ShadowOfDeath26/17/2009
Just a thought... (Archived)Pasta_Loaf96/17/2009
What will be your characters name and the name of your rival in HG and SS (Archived)
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A cool feature for the game (Archived)mercenary66666636/16/2009
Lugia vs Kyogre (Archived)
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