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Im Preordering both when they come to US. (Archived)
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Solo Run (Archived)darkdragongirl26/13/2009
i know there are about 1000 of these but... (Archived)
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What if this game isnt good? (Archived)Slacks888856/13/2009
Many Pokemon to Follow You. Kanto Confirmed. Pre-Order Bonus Confirmed (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP276/13/2009
Hey, whats the difference? (Archived)ProtomanBN36/13/2009
So, it's not just your starter that follows you around. (Archived)
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Something that I just started to wonder about (Archived)gamefan60676/13/2009
So who here (Archived)
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Kyogre for HGold /wrists (Archived)fmagreed96/13/2009
Soo which had more sales? (Archived)Slacks888826/13/2009
Wi-Fi..... (Archived)
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Name your favourite Johto Town/City, and also rate my gen 3 graphics remakes! (Archived)
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Why have the remakes always included something? (Archived)
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I have a question, its probably familiar, and im sorry if it is (Archived)DARKNESSJON46/12/2009
WHICH ONE!11111 help (Archived)lordoftheguams56/12/2009
DSi parts to the games (Archived)
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SoulSilver boxart is fantastic! (Archived)
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I saw a picture of Cynthia and Arceus on serebii for Soul Silver (Archived)SecretGamer300016/12/2009
What would you do if this game (both) got cancelled the day before it came out? (Archived)DaCabooser96/12/2009