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a small question about soul silver (Archived)DiamondDude100446/11/2009
Soul looks too girly(female character) (Archived)
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oh excellent. Groudon for silver (Archived)
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Box art confirmed (Archived)XxBomber510xX16/11/2009
Box Arts Revealed (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP126/11/2009
i firmly believe that this game has the power to end the recession. (Archived)spideymanfan66/11/2009
Anyone got that picture of bidoof as every pokemon? (Archived)
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Yet another reason to get Soul Silver instead of heart gold. (Archived)
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Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza confirmed!!! (Archived)
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I wonder if GameFreak will do something about the hacking? (Archived)levyjl198896/11/2009
Idea for Pokebox Ds (Archived)Zarren364106/11/2009
Why does Mew come after Mewtwo in the pokedex numbering system? (Archived)SailorMook76/10/2009
Pokemon Turbo (Archived)Auronthelegend86/10/2009
Horrible ideas to that would ruin SS/HG (Archived)
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Same pokemon locations from Crystal? (Archived)
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Lets Rate Sigs. (Archived)GarchompTamer26/10/2009
what will the battle fronteir be like? (Archived)pokefreak21536/10/2009
pokemon silver realses date and other things to help people get iformation on th (Archived)
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The Few. The Proud. Sign here if you want to register the Lugia Army Recon (Archived)
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You know what would be good... (Archived)The_Shadow_Link76/10/2009