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what will the battle fronteir be like? (Archived)pokefreak21536/10/2009
pokemon silver realses date and other things to help people get iformation on th (Archived)
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The Few. The Proud. Sign here if you want to register the Lugia Army Recon (Archived)
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You know what would be good... (Archived)The_Shadow_Link76/10/2009
Soul badge looks like a heart (Archived)XD37516/10/2009
Heres why Soul Silver is better (Archived)
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Donphan is Awesome (Archived)Red Link56/10/2009
Lugia pwns Ho-oh. (Archived)RedBloodedNinja36/10/2009
Missingno Pokemon to actually delete your game? (Archived)levyjl198826/10/2009
So I was playing Shiny Gold... (Archived)OneWing_Angel16/10/2009
Heart Gold scratched out !!! ---Reasons why--- (Archived)
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The Few. The Proud. The Souldiers. (Archived)DarkerSonic16/10/2009
Nintendo to implement DLC content for this game? (Archived)levyjl198826/10/2009
That pokemon step counter thing that lets you carry your pokemon with you (Archived)SecretGamer300086/10/2009
How ARE you supposed to CATCH 'EM ALL? (Archived)DriftinShadow86/10/2009
name the best pokemon you ever trained and its moves (Archived)
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Bidoof... (Archived)
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Arceus also in HGSS (Archived)Serebii from SPP56/10/2009
Groudon confirmed for Soul Silver? (Archived)ashgoku200616/10/2009
This game's rival... (Archived)sonictrainer36/10/2009