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Version Exclusives (Archived)Nightcrawler___25/31/2009
What was the safari zone like? I don't remember reaching it the first time... (Archived)SocksForWok55/31/2009
It'd be nice if we could clone pokemon in these remakes. (Archived)Red Link45/30/2009
Why are the hot elements always more popular than the cold ones? (Archived)
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Let's hope the Safari Zone and Cerulean Cave are reopened this time. (Archived)
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My Two Cents (Archived)
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It always happens... (Archived)
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So, who wants to see HM Whirpool back? (Archived)
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Idea for how they could incorporate the Suicune Plot into HgSs, if they wanted (Archived)Shadowater68105/30/2009
Can some one tell me (Archived)ALLANWSERING65/30/2009
Ahh the music of my childhood.. (Archived)Zarren36425/30/2009
Who wants a weather improvement? (Archived)
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I seriously might go out and buy a Ds for this game (Archived)squirrelman40155/30/2009
ITT: Good conversation with trainers (Archived)prince_leo35/30/2009
After this, where do you think the franchise will go from there? (Archived)
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Celebi: Will we get it? (Archived)
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why is gold in top 5 (Archived)804jab75/30/2009
pokemon cards (Archived)
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The Time Line of the games (Archived)Daniellink42065/29/2009
Arceus (Archived)
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