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Pokemon Soul Silver - New adventures (Gameplay story) (Archived)
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(A)lakazam, (B)ellsprout, (C)roconaw... (Archived)SinisterSandman15/29/2014
Pokemon Soul Silver - New adventures - My best party member? (Poll)Mikokiri35/25/2014
Balanced Team? (Archived)Agent400725/22/2014
You know what's difficult? (Archived)goroh1615/22/2014
Can someone do me a favor and tell me exactly what the Dragon Master says (Archived)KlRBEH15/21/2014
what buttons do you need to reset the game? (Archived)amazingwilly55/19/2014
Local PVP, Team suggestions (Archived)Voodoo_Voldo15/18/2014
Pokemon SoulSilver: Realistic Edition; Lugia by arvalis - deviantART (Archived)ukemandwnbu25/17/2014
Content of SoulSilver/HeartGold - Think of getting 1 for my 3DS (Archived)lemonhihi25/16/2014
YR: Eeveelutions were partial Fairy types. (Archived)Voodoo_Voldo45/16/2014
Which games can Pokemon frol Soulsilver be transferred to? (Archived)lv54spacemonkey55/11/2014
How hard is this game to Nuzlocke? (Archived)tehponycorn35/9/2014
The next Pokemon remakes are coming this year! (Archived)OrangeCrush98015/7/2014
Good training areas? (Archived)kiryu655/2/2014
Rate my in-game team (Archived)111phantom25/1/2014
So is there really any reason to get into this past May 20th? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Anyone able to catch Groudon (without Master Ball) (Archived)inzodwestrust74/30/2014
Do you feel bad using AR Codes? (Archived)temoorashraf44/30/2014
Shiny Lugia (Archived)Necrosaro66654/29/2014
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