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Are the copies of SoulSilver on Ebay likely to be fake? (Archived)Phenom1343/10/2014
Can you skip fighting Lugia? (Archived)-BrokenSpiral-63/7/2014
couple of online questions.. (Archived)sleepingdragon953/3/2014
The Walker is associated with the save file or Game Card? (Archived)Ryan8623/2/2014
Need help Finding Pokemon (Archived)XxEntropyxX43/1/2014
Can I transfer manaphy's egg from JP vers. to US D/P/Pt/HG/SS vers. in a US DSi? (Archived)DIFUNTO66632/22/2014
The story of the Mono-Bug challenge (Archived)SilverSwift62/18/2014
How to use trade board? (Archived)Strawburrylove32/17/2014
Experience all 6 generations (Archived)FanMattai22/16/2014
Help, my nature's won't pass down with an everstone. (Archived)D_I3igI3oss92/14/2014
My first soul silver pokemon nuzlocke! come in! (Archived)willspay12/14/2014
Is it possible to have a good Blissey without Wish nor Seismic Toss (Archived)Highself72/13/2014
Breeding for Charmander (Archived)potatoshroom22/12/2014
Question gets asked a lot but I need to see if this cartridge is legit. (Archived)Soldier_0_Cross102/10/2014
Noob looking for 1st and 2nd gen starters. (Archived)mcdanielwill1072/9/2014
anyone wanna help me evolve graveler? (Archived)BlackSnow1222/3/2014
Breeding shiny? (Archived)furrball4541/28/2014
What type should I mono run? (Poll)Falcanine21/27/2014
Can you knock out story Luga and capture it later? (Archived)pmaster41/25/2014
New Nuzlocke Challenge (Archived)blibber321/24/2014
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