Any way to get darkrai???

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7 years ago#1
Ive been wanting this guy for a while (hes my fav.) n i could never get him, is there any way to get him in this game without me going to any events?
7 years ago#2
Action Replay is your friend

Or you could Wi-Fi trade with someone.
I have a lot of Darkrai, but my ds lite can't do WPA :/ soo.. I can't help ya
Every light has a shadow.
7 years ago#3
O my heart, i wish i had darkrai, i would do any trade for that guy, but wont using action replay mess my game up?
7 years ago#4
I've had one for as long as I've had a DS pokemon game and haven't had a single issue. lol
I actually bought it for Darkrai
Every light has a shadow.
7 years ago#5
haha yea thats what i shud do, but i really want darkrai, is there even action reply codes to get darkrai in soul silver and how would it work?
7 years ago#6
Usually, you put in a code, and then that code will include a "trigger" to activate the code.
For example, the code I used requires you to push L and Select to work. After you do, you go into the pokemart and a guy is there who gives you the Member's Card, which lets you go into an inn and fight Darkrai in a dream..
But that's exclusive to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I'm sure there's a way to do it on HG and SS, like modifying a wild encounter, but.. people would know you cheated to get it, if you care about such things
Every light has a shadow.
7 years ago#7
na i wouldnt care as long as he is darkrai and doesnt look any different, im gud, by the way im very thankful for u helpin me out, but the thing iz if the action replay doesnt work then ima have to trade for it wit someone, do u think anyone wud give up darkrai?
7 years ago#8
No Problem
The Action Replay shouldn't cause a problem, but hey, things happen.
I'm sure someone will trade. They're pretty common nowadays. Heck, I'd give you one if my DS could get online.
Every light has a shadow.
7 years ago#9
wow i neva wud of thought for darkrai to be common but it sux that ur ds doesnt work lol what do u think like ur best guess someone wud do for darkrai so i can get prepared for when the game comes out
7 years ago#10
Honestly I don't know. HG/SS are filled with legendaries.
Really, there isn't much that's rare now given the Action Replay's popularity, and the Toys R Us/Gamestop events

*Spoiler below*
They have Lugia, Ho-Oh, Latios, Latias, Zapdos, Atricuno, Moltres, Groundon Kyogre, Raquaza, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, and.. maybe more. There isn't much left to look for outside the game
Every light has a shadow.
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