Best Ground Type?

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User Info: transmutable

7 years ago#1
Ok, I am getting slaughtered by electric and poison types in game. I need a ground type but can't pick which one.

All ground/rock types are out, they have way too many weaknesses.

Mamoswine is just barely on the list, I like his typing offensively but defensively it sucks.
Nidoking's typing is excellent but I've used him plenty before and I think I want something different.
Gliscor is another good type combo, but my team has plenty of flying on it already, so that might be redundant.

Pure Ground I'd use are:

In before "in game it doesn't matter." /Yes/, I /know/. But I /like/ being strategic in-game. I don't mind using "less powerful" pokemon if they have novelty or a unique movepool (I use Farfetch'd for petesake), but I also don't see any reason to handicap myself outside of a specific challenge run-through.
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User Info: Krutonius

7 years ago#2
inb4 Groudon

User Info: calvin_0

7 years ago#3
try Ground \ Water (Quagsire), it doesnt have weakness other then the messive 4x grass, but hey, just switch when a grass pokemon is coming.
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User Info: Catastrophe_90

7 years ago#4
You can get Larvitar in in Safari Zone. Also, Steelix can eat Poison and Electric types if you can trade for him.

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