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6 years ago#1

I know I'm really late but I was wondering if anyone had found out any platinum like action replay codes to get max ivs and evs

I stopped posting on the action replay thread because I just used my friends ds to trade (after I found out it was possible to trade pre-elite 4 on SoulSilver) with my platinum version where I could get maxed out iv/ev pokes via action replay but thats no longer a option and I don't know if anyone ever found a way to make the each vitamin gave 252 evs like on platinum and the catch wild poke with max ivslike on platinum

any ar techie bros still on the forum hit me up with those codes if there out now I mean it's June now I'm hoping after 3 months since march when the search began for them I'm guessin that someones came up with the codes by now

6 years ago#2
If you are using AR just use Pokesav and max a new pokemons EV's and IV's there. Link is below


Hope this helps cause I think that's as good as it gets.
6 years ago#3

thanks but I really don't like pokesavs and I bought another copy of soul silver to lesurly start new games on and keep the first one I bought with all my good poke for competive play I was going to start a new game on that one and just have a six poke team with max ivs and 2 stats max ev'ed

so it's not a set lvl..I want to raise a full 6 poke team from lvl 5 to whatever lvl they get when I beat the game..and I know with poke savs you have to have a set lvl 100 and then fiddle with the stats otherwise you would'nt know how to distribute the stats properly...I mean I don't want a super powered uber stat team just a best of the pokes stat abilities team

big ups the answer though

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