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Anyone knows how many special editions of different games has the company made? (Archived)SSBCandidates18/27/2013
The Great War of Cherry Blossoms: Sakura Wars English LP Project (Archived)Greenhowse24/21/2013
I know this board is kinda dead but I'm thinking about getting this game (Archived)dctalk20753/21/2013
Disc read error (Archived)Kite9132/2/2013
Cursor glitch. (Archived)Hero_of_Courage21/31/2013
Sakura Shinguji for Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed DLC (Archived)Greenhowse111/18/2012
Playthrough recorded (Archived)mike976uk13/23/2012
Anyone still here? (Archived)wolf_blitzer8512/7/2012
After seeing Muramasa for $10 I thought this would be cheaper (Archived)EmeralDragon23112/25/2011
Just beat the game...(spoilers) (Archived)GeradGerard710/9/2011
Who are the possible ending with? (Archived)ShadowPig29/30/2011
Oh my god i hate this! (Archived)GeradGerard69/29/2011
Sakura wars so long my love chapter 0 for wii. No extra chapter in site. (Archived)Subarufan1229/24/2011
there is no sequel o_O" (Archived)Sinful_Desire28/14/2011
This game deserves a youtubes (Archived)wolf_blitzer8528/5/2011
How similar is this to the English disc on Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love on PS2? (Archived)wolf_blitzer8547/12/2011
Oh my God, another review. (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom16/18/2011
IS this like Steambot Chronicles? (Archived)avenue2014/9/2011
Episode 0? (Archived)godzilla208933/2/2011
Favorite "faces" or "poses" for each girl? (Archived)fleadh_forever42/13/2011
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