Finally, something new concerning Thief 4.

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4 years ago#11
Any great game from 1998-2001 are among my favorites, especially Thief: The Dark Project, Thief II: The Metal Age and Deus Ex. Deus Ex: Human Revolution was awesome too so I can't wait to see how this will turn out.
4 years ago#12
Crossing my fingers for a gameplay trailer at E3~
4 years ago#13
Aw ****.

Now I bet they'll change Garrett's voice.
I am not economically viable.
4 years ago#14
FWIW Eidos is selling black and white Thi4f t-shirts.

4 years ago#15
I hate the "Thi4f" thing, but I guess I should be pleased that they acknowledge the first two games exist at all (Deadly Shadows was made without a number so as not to alienate Xbox kids).
4 years ago#16
Thief 4 is aiming to serve as a reboot for the franchise, offering a completely fresh take on an otherwise classic experience.

Oh god this quote scares me. Also, for the love of Christ, get rid of the 'Thi4f' name, Eidos. That is absolutely f***ing stupid with no redeeming value.
4 years ago#17
I can't find the link again but I've read where the game will offer multiple characters that you can play as. This makes sense if Thief 4 does indeed go online.
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