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3 years ago#11
Did they actually go for option two in my post, has Russell's voice changed or does Russell change his voice for this game?

This is the Bateson syndrome. We must whinge and complain until they... Ah why bother.
I am not economically viable.
3 years ago#12
I thought it was funny how he did the voice of the Thieves Guild leader in Skyrim. Did they cast him as that as a tribute to the Thief games or was it just coincidence?
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3 years ago#13
Now for a darker poem.

Quick time events and auto aim
Bring us all a great awful shame
Making Garrett a killing machine
Would be sad and very mean
We lost Russell in this fight
Maybe Benny is found in the night

If Thief is marred by consolization
And inevitable simplification
Mark my words, the thief will be
Silly people but not me
I am not economically viable.
3 years ago#14
That's a nice poem, but you made me realize that Benny is gone too. Stephen Russell also did that voice.

I've always known that what we would get would be nothing like the first two games and that it probably wouldn't even resemble Deadly Shadows, but I was willing to purchase it for the Stephen Russell experience.

What is there for me now?
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