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3 years ago#1
at disappointing me that it's not even funny. New changes? Right, that is to be expected. Consol-i-fy the game? Sure been there done that. Change Thief in to "Assassin Thief: Dishonorable Brotherhood"? Makes me feel a bit pissed right now but I think I can maybe deal with it if it is done right (which it never is). Take away the original voice actor? I am utterly disappointed.
3 years ago#2
Die hard thief fans don't seem to think so. One of which threaten to not buy the game just because of it.
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3 years ago#4
I too am really disappointed by the fact that Russell won't be returning. I don't know why, but out of all the info that's been released thus far (focus mode, possible tendency towards action, et.c) I still find this the hardest to accept. I guess it's just the way Garrett's voice played such a big part in the original games, more so than with other video game series. Garrett is rarely seen clearly in the game, so instead you kind of rely on the voice to define the character, which results in a significant disconnect when trying to make the new version feel familiar.

Oh, and it doesn't help either that the original voice is one of the coolest in video game history. I won't say the game will necessarily suck just because of a new voice, I'm just saying it's a major disappointment which doesn't really bode well for whatever other decisions the developers have decided to go with.
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3 years ago#6
Also, as other have pointed out, Elizabeth in Bioshock: Infinite was created with THREE actors - one for the face, one for the mocap, and one for the voice.
3 years ago#7
I'm not happy about Stephen Russell not being Garrett, but then again it IS a reboot. They got rid of Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher for the new Splinter Cell game too.
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3 years ago#8
Oops, I stupidly didn't edit 123outlaw's quote that had a TOS violation. Repost, without the violation:

The point is that Eidos Montreal said that they were making a game that would appeal to fans of the original. As someone who has played the three games many times over the years, I've come to expect the voice of Stephen Russell.

When they said that he doesn't mesh well with mo-cap in what SHOULD be a first person game, then, well... What does that say?
3 years ago#9
Poor excuses out of their asses?
3 years ago#10
Here is a new video with the old sound effect and Stephen Russell's voice.

Watch it, it's epic.
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