Release date: 2/25/14

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User Info: stratx

3 years ago#1

Date seen at the end

User Info: Vue35

3 years ago#2
I honestly expected a July or June release date, but this is nice too.
I have perfect micro skills.

User Info: TazmanianD

3 years ago#3
Ooooo. Bouncy bouncy bouncy. I'm excited. I was expecting something considerably later next year.

I'm not sure if I'm going to build a new PC for this. I tend to build myself a new rig every 3 years or so because I'm crazy and I like having the fastest but this puts me maybe 6 months or so earlier than that and my current machine could probably handle it just fine. I guess I'll see if the reviews are awesome. If the game is really great, then maybe it'll be worth it. Maybe just the graphics card...
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  3. Release date: 2/25/14

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