Trill Quest Glitch?

#1Sonorous_Jon1S8Posted 10/29/2009 8:24:12 PM
Alright im on my third character(alchemist) and i happened to encounter the brink wanderer glitch.(this may or may not be relevant)

I might have killed the first Monster target Varkaseer before accepting the quest. Does he spawn before you get the quest? Can i still complete the quest somehow?

There is also the possibily that i havent encountered him and he isnt spawning. I have logged on the game and cleared the Floor 3 of Orden Mines multiple times. This is the location that he is supposed to show up based on my quest info. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Im a bit of a perfectionist so if i have to restart my character to complete it i'd like to know before going further.
#2M_VickXperiencePosted 10/29/2009 8:30:30 PM
I'm having similar issues. I think I also killed him before accepting the quest and he refuses to show up for me regardless of how many times I run down to level three. The same quest problems happen when I try to find a stone gargoyle for another NPC. I would suggest moving on with the story.

I enjoy the game a lot, but let's be honest, there's definitely a few glitches.
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#3Sonorous_Jon1S8(Topic Creator)Posted 10/29/2009 9:00:30 PM
Even after completing the first boss brink is still wandering around on level 2. Dam i think im gonna restart. At least there is a shared stash though
#4Sonorous_Jon1S8(Topic Creator)Posted 10/29/2009 9:09:43 PM
I really wish gamefaqs had an edit and delete post button.

Ok i think i fixed it.

I just cleared level 3 went into town brought up my quest menu and abandoned the quest. I logged out then relogged in went to trill and got the same quest again. Using the waypoint i went up a level to 3, which was still clear of all monsters, and found Varkaseer alone chilling in a corridor and murdered him.

Try this out see if it helps M_VickXperience.