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7 years ago#1
Hey is there a mod to get a bigger storage chest, I am only like level 18 and I almost have mine filled up.
A link would be nice! I have torchleech too so if there is one there I guess you can just post what you put in the search bar.

thanks in advance!
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7 years ago#2
You can always use the shared chest as extra storage. Out of curiosity, how do you have yours almost filled at level 18 already? What's in it?
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7 years ago#3
Umm jewels,armors,Lots of potions and scrolls, all very well organized. I used to sell everything that I would get in a game like this but my friend who I saw playing Morrowind got me into keeping most of my crap and organizing it.
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7 years ago#4
You are a collector! I can relate with that. =)
Well, you must start by turning gems in better one using the town transmuter.
If you keeping some good equip to other type of chars, then created them to pick it in the shared chest.

If still full, then is time to create mules. That mean, chars that you don't want to play with, but just use their inventory to hold items.
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7 years ago#5
For this game, you need to go back to your original methodology. There is absolutely no benefit to saving hardly anything except ember so you can transform it into stronger ember.
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7 years ago#6
This saddens me. I hope someone will try and make a mod where it expands the size of the chests. I would greatly appreciate that. I will be trying that mule thing. I also may even put like a price of something will affect whether or not it stays in my chests sorto cap. It hurts me to do this.
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7 years ago#7
I don't know about chest size, but there's a mod out there that increases the size of stacks for potions and scrolls up to 200. That should help alleviate some of the room burdens, if you haven't gotten it yet.
7 years ago#8

Adds 2 more stashes and an npc next to the transmuter who can "open" your shared stash to save you walking back and forth from the shared stash, Available in torchleech as "New Stashes and Telekineticist"
7 years ago#9

This guy also has a couple mods on the right side if you scroll down a bit called "Banker" and "Four more stashes". These are both compatible with the other one I posted giving you a total of 8 stashes plus the shared stash. These ones aren't available in torchleech but they all work together fine.
7 years ago#10
Nice! That is what I am talking about! Thanks sooo much!
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